Spiritwood Tribe (H/N rp guild)


Some time ago a small number of the Shu’halo who resided within Feralas looked upon their people and wept. The Horde while, saving the Shu’halo had ultimately taken them in a direction the Earthmother had not intended for her children, the path of war.

While indebted to the Horde for saving their kind, the small Spiritwood Tribe shunned the needless killing and the blood lust that seemed so common a trait of those within the Horde. Worse still, the admittance of the reviled Grimtotem into the Horde itself, brought great concern to the Tribes members.

And so the elder Crone ordered the Tribe to retreat into the wilds of Feralas and honour the Earthmother in the traditional ways of their people, in peace and harmony. Over many years members of the Tribe ventured out into Azeroth and brought grave tidings back to the crone, who became ill at ease with the actions of her kind. Many nights passed and visions seeped into the Crone’s dreams, fractured and distorted. For these visions were only part of a larger picture. She ordered her dreams to be carved upon great totems and placed within a hidden location in Feralas, lest she forget what she had been shown. In time the Crone came to understand what the ancestors were saying, ‘Peace between the earth and all of Azeroth, the Earthmother wishes this’.

The Crone was wary, for her Tribe had spent much time isolated and she feared of the influence of others on the young Shu’halo she cared for, yet she could not ignore the visions she had been given. She decreed that the strongest of their Tribe venture out, beyond the borders of the forests of Feralas, to aid the Earthmother and all peoples of Azeroth who wished to see their world at peace.

Hi all, this is my attempt at trying to get some neutral Tauren rp (yes that does mean they would not attack the Alliance outright), set up that follows the traditional ways of the Tauren people.

My intention is to have the guild set up as a place where those Tauren who have a more neutral stance can collaborate and work together (I had thought of communities and such, but it’s never really seemed to work for me and as there are some Tauren wandering around with the same outlook, guildless, I thought why not). It would be a place where individuals take ownership to create their own stories. As my time online can be limited (work commitments mainly and time needed to simply relax at others) , I would aim for events fortnightly and be keen to get all in the Tribe involved in server events and initiatives and to work with others, both Horde and Alliance. In between, should individuals want to create their own stories and events, they would be most welcome to.

The guild itself would be neutral to the war, seeking peace above all else, however should the need arise, individuals would not shun protecting themselves or the interests of the Tribe or indeed the Earthmother.

Alts would be welcome to the guild and there would be no online time demands, come and go as you please. If you rp a lone Tauren travelling Azeroth, you’d be welcome to join as a member of the Tribe sent out by the crone to aid others, if that’s what you wish, it’s a place where chilled rp can happen and a place where neutral Tauren can join up for server events, ceremonies and a variety of other things.

I do stress here, this is a place for individuals who are used to creating their own rp. There is only me in the guild presently and I do expect it to remain small, but should it be of interest to some, then we’ll see how things develop.

Any questions feel free to /w or send an in game mail.

More information can be found on the guild website (there’s no need to sign up to the website to be in the guild).

http ://spiritwood.clanwebsite.com/

Guild ranks

The GM of our guild. The Chiefton is the one responsible for the general guidance of our tribe.

Elder Crone
Old and wise, the spiritual leader of our Tribe. The Crone has guided our people for years and always in honour of the Earthmother. Kind and caring, the Crone opens many of the Tribes ceremonies. Cross her however, dishonour the Tribes traditions and Earthmother and her sharp tongue will let you know of her anger.

Sage Council
Our officers. These wise individuals help to influence and advise on the decisions of our community.

Those who affiliate belong to the mystics vary in capabilities. Some commune with forces that are not always benevolent and wish to appease the elements, others commune with nature and seek balance while others guide members of the Tribe to speak with the ancestors, the advice they give is is wisely heeded.

The stalwart defenders and backbone of the Tribe. Always willing to defend our members to the best of their abilities.

The wielders of the power of An’she. These individuals seek to counter the prejudice for the reverence of the Mu’sha within the Tribe and promote a balance of worship of the Earthmother.

These individuals are a lifeline to the tribe. Hunters and scouts, they travel far and wide to bring news, food and produce for all our tribal members.

Tribal member
The tribal members follow our ideals and help with the day to day activities of the tribe.

Spiritwood rites

The rite of vision: A rite all who are new to the tribe will partake in. As it is with nearly all newcomers to tribes, the elder crone wishes to know your totem animal. This is the animal that represents your personality and one that will help to determine your place within our family.

The rite of courage: The rite of courage for the Spiritwood Tribe is one where individuals are challenged against a great foe. Typically incorporated into the tradition of the great hunt, you will be tested against that which you think is invincible, but fear not, the Earthmother favours her children.

The rite of honour: The rite of honour can be a challenge to some. Will you uphold the honour of the tribe and the Earthmother. The choices you make may seem obvious, others not so. The Earthmother tests you, will you uphold the traditions and beliefs of the Shu’halo and choose wisely? The choices you ultimately make decide whether you are successful… or not.

The rite of wisdom: Our people have throughout time revered our ancestors. Few others look to our forbearers for guidance and the preservation of our traditions as much as we Shu’halo. Follow the guidance of our elders to pass this rite.

Rite of the winds: One which not all within the Tribe have chosen to partake. This rite involves seeking the unknown, whether this be through exploration or revelation, the Earthmother decides and An’she may guide.

Spiritwood traditions

The great hunt: The survival of our Tribe and people, the preservation of our honouring of the Earthmother is something all within the Tribe concern themselves with. It is here the Tribe hunt for food and praise the Earthmother for her gifts.

The namegiving: The father of the child hunts and provides a great feast for all Tribes members and a feast is held to celebrate the naming of a new member to the Tribe. This also happens should a Shu’halo join the Spiritwood Tribe and wish to be known by a different name by our Tribes members.

Totem meditation and carving: Tribes members meditate on the qualities they would like to exemplify over the year to come. Tribes members meditate to their totem animal and asks assistance, wisdom and guidance from their spirit, after which they carve their aims into a small totem if their request has been answered.

Drumming: The tribes use of drums is enshrined within our traditions. Used for ceremonial dancing, communication as well as meditation. The drums rhythmic beat encompasses the beating of our heart, the belief the vibrations evoke energy that heal our bodies and bring about spiritual awareness. This is done with with the belief that consistent beating of the drums enables our tribes members who listen to tune into the beating heart of the Earthmother. You will know when you near the Tribes location as you hear our tribes members play their drums.

The unveiling: To acknowledge the Shu’halo story of the blinding, where the Tauren fell from the Earthmothers grace, a ceremony of cleansing for the body and environment is undertaken when ever a Shu’halo of our tribe is unsure of what path to take. To give clarity and to show to the tribes member the path the Earthmother desires. Sacred herbs are burnt and used to cleanse the body and the area with smoke, as the individual thinks upon their choices. This ceremony is also used for creativity and general problem solving when conflict arises. Frequently the tribes Earthmother prayer is used during this ceremony.

Corn pollen and ash: Corn pollen is used by many of our mystics, particularly our druids and shamans. The collection of this sacred herb is undertaken with great reverence and where it grows in abundance holds a special place in the hearts of our tribe, believed to be a favoured land of the Earthmother. The Corn Pollen is used in many of the Tribes rituals, in particular for meditation and the unveiling. Ash from the cremated bodies of the fallen of our Tribe is also sacred. Collected from our ancestors this ash is used in ceremonies that celebrate the life of past members of our tribe. The ash is frequently mixed with water and painted on our Tribe members during the day of the dead.

The chipping of the horn: The chipping of the horn is when a member of our tribe carefully chips away a small portion of their horn and gifts it to another. This symbolises friendship and trust between the two individuals concerned.

The cleaving: Those members of the Tribe that have brought great shame upon our people and the Earthmother, undertake the cleave ceremony. This is where a horn, a portion of the horn or indeed both horns may be removed from the Shu’halo. How much is removed is dependent upon the severity of the dishonour brought upon our family.


Yay! More neutral guilds! How lovely! - We shall also be working in Feralas ourselves with a neutral stance. - Perhaps we shall get the chance to work together one time! :slight_smile:

Hope it goes well! I adore properly spiritualistic and traditional Tauren Rp!


Wow this idea is amazing! More Tauren guilds are ALWAYS good, specially this case is a very cool one

Looking forward to having some RP and to seeing you around!

Ishne’alo porah!


My biggest fear now is a too small supply of tauren for the guilds ;_; Please give us more tauren people…


Best of luck!

(Mythundis) #6

Having known Akulé for a while, I can safely say he’s a good roleplayer. I hope this goes well for you, Akulé! More Tauren guilds are always nice.


Diversity amongst our guilds is a good way to support Tauren Rp and strenghten our numbers! I hope more people dust off their old Tauren characters and put them into action, and that we hear about you soon here in Highmountain.

Ps: HM Stands might venture to Kalimdor soon, so that should be an opportunity to meet! I am sure Kotur would be excited to hear from you. o/

(Uruk) #8

More Tauren RP? And a neutral one at that? Hell yeah!

Akule is a cool dude and I definitely recommend giving his guild a try. /moo


Thank you everyone for the encouragement, hopefully see one or two us hanging around in your neck of the woods soon :smiley:

(Moridunum) #12

Prettu sure the Taurens can honour Mu’sha while you Nightborne honour Elune alongside the Kaldorei.

Anyways i love this idea! Sadly I am an Alliance player with no Horde char, otherwise I would’ve given this a chance!


Here’s the updated guild website, hopefully some of the questions some may have will be answered here:



Looks good, I generally prefer smaller groups and enjoy the idea of RPing in Feralas and Southern Kalimdor. I see that you have Druid and Shaman guides, what about Tauren Monks? I’d be interested in roleplaying one. Would that work?


No problem with that, being a tribes member who went beyond the borders and learnt the ways of the monk and bringing this to the tribe is certainly something that would be considered a part of the rite of winds, if an individual would like it to be.


Good to know! I’ve been meaning to make a Tauren.


Welcome Haiete to the guild and congratulations on your hunt this eve!

Hanging out in Feralas should any others be interested in saying hi.