Spiritwood Tribe (H/N rp guild)


Wow this idea is amazing! More Tauren guilds are ALWAYS good, specially this case is a very cool one

Looking forward to having some RP and to seeing you around!

Ishne’alo porah!


My biggest fear now is a too small supply of tauren for the guilds ;_; Please give us more tauren people…


Best of luck!

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Having known Akulé for a while, I can safely say he’s a good roleplayer. I hope this goes well for you, Akulé! More Tauren guilds are always nice.


Diversity amongst our guilds is a good way to support Tauren Rp and strenghten our numbers! I hope more people dust off their old Tauren characters and put them into action, and that we hear about you soon here in Highmountain.

Ps: HM Stands might venture to Kalimdor soon, so that should be an opportunity to meet! I am sure Kotur would be excited to hear from you. o/

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More Tauren RP? And a neutral one at that? Hell yeah!

Akule is a cool dude and I definitely recommend giving his guild a try. /moo


Thank you everyone for the encouragement, hopefully see one or two us hanging around in your neck of the woods soon :smiley:

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Prettu sure the Taurens can honour Mu’sha while you Nightborne honour Elune alongside the Kaldorei.

Anyways i love this idea! Sadly I am an Alliance player with no Horde char, otherwise I would’ve given this a chance!


Here’s the updated guild website, hopefully some of the questions some may have will be answered here:



Looks good, I generally prefer smaller groups and enjoy the idea of RPing in Feralas and Southern Kalimdor. I see that you have Druid and Shaman guides, what about Tauren Monks? I’d be interested in roleplaying one. Would that work?


No problem with that, being a tribes member who went beyond the borders and learnt the ways of the monk and bringing this to the tribe is certainly something that would be considered a part of the rite of winds, if an individual would like it to be.


Good to know! I’ve been meaning to make a Tauren.


Welcome Haiete to the guild and congratulations on your hunt this eve!

Hanging out in Feralas should any others be interested in saying hi.


I am rather new to RP, and I only recently started with Tauren RP since it was one of my favorite races.

With the Spiritwood Tribe appearing as one of the few active/recruiting Tauren-guilds, I decided to give it a shot. A bit hesitant though, since the Guild is still brand new. But Akulé has created a thought-out concept, and is very well-prepared. I thoroughly enjoyed RPing with him last night (and he has helped me tremendously with some RP stuff as well), and immediately felt that this was - at least for me - the right Guild to join.

If anyone is looking for a new and fresh Tauren RP Guild, with a lot of freedom for both yourself and your char, I think that this is the one you’re looking for!


I contacted Akulé a couple days ago to apologise for the mix-up and coincidence with both our neutral Tauren guilds appearing on the forums within just a few hours of each other. What I found was an enormously friendly and helpful person, clearly well-versed in the Horde community, and we had a long chat wherein he even introduced me to several new discords which find and facilitate RP.

I wish you only the best of luck and hope we find reason to cross paths in the future.

Up the Spiritwood!


Thanks Noble, really appreciate the bump, and the more Tauren guilds the better. Here’s hoping the Spirit Wolves come back to us all soon too :grinning:


The more Tauren guilds, the better! :slight_smile:



Hi all, looking at the Tauren playerbase and numbers right now, I think, for the time being, it may be best to hang up the feathers, for now and to concentrate Akule’s efforts elsewhere. It was an extremely short lived concept, but, ultimately, rather than splitting Tauren rp’ers up into small groups, I thought it best to have fewer guilds where there can be greater opportunities for character growth etc.

Akule’s tribe still is around but, they’ve retreated deep into the forests of Feralas for the time being. Myself, I’ve decided to be the wandering nomad again with the Cenarions, so hopefully see some of you around :smiley:

Id like to give my sincere apologies again for all those I was to meet up with next week and those soon to join the guild, but I can recommend Proudhorn tribe for an alternative.

Walk with the Earthmother and moo loudly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(lol thank you too Kump)


It is good to see the community of Tauren growing, pretty dope…
As Tauren are a race that i saw few play it

Good luck :slight_smile:

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