[Spoiler] Who do you think will show up in Sanctum of Domination?

So with the new Raid on the horizon the question looms who will show up in the Jailers torture collection?
My bet is on Nathanos who makes a rather easy pick considering the last boss of the raid. Other than that maybe some twisted Nightelf Characters that were not fortunate enough to get rescued or Garrosh considering we did not see him in Nathria. And if this is not resolved in the upcoming Covenant Campaign maybe Vyraz and Nikolon.

Who do you think shows up? and who would you like to see?

Saurfang the Mawsworn and Nathanos as adds during the Sylvanas encounter.

A Maw Hound named Nathanos as a secret mythic only phase.

I’m hoping they’d do something with the Garrosh tease, but I doubt it.
A plot twist at the end of it where Ven’ari comes in and takes corrupted Anduin away making her a double agent.

We had confirmation regarding the Eye of the Jailer, Kelthuzad and Sylvanas.

I think that if Nathanos was part of it, his appearance is an eventuality relevant enough to have been teased alongside these other two.

They may be holding his reappearance as some sort of gotcha, but I’m kinda expecting the rest of the boss list, to be but a bunch of generic nobodies created solely for said raid.

As good guys ?

As bad guys ?

I want Tyrande & Varian to show up to save Anduin

I want the Winderrunner sisters to spank slap Sylvanas

Nathanos might be there

Maybe a evil undead dragon

PS : Eye of the Jailer , aka Eye of Sauron ( Tolkien rip off idea ) ?

People would then ask if it would be possible to leave him there. On the other hand, this option was no provided for those who were “freed” from Torghast so far. Oh well.

Who knows. A random wild Arthas? Cool’dan?

It’s still not clear when / why will Nozdormu become Murozond :thinking:

gl hf

And the Tarragrue.

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I leave that up to you either is fine. Tyrande making an appereance might make sense and i think she could either be just an ally like Khadgar or Wrathion in prior Raids or she could very well be a boss in the same sense Kael’thas was in Nathria.

I think they heavily hinted that it might be the Eye of Odyn he traded away to Mueh’zala. But depending on the Encounter it could be a Sauron like fight where you have to evade the Gaze or so.

I mean he could show up like Ashvane in Eternal Palace already turned into something that can not be saved so to speak. A possibilty would be somethin of a Soul Construct Boss were a lot of different Souls were forged into a single thing and during the phases another Character takes hold of the reins. This way you could put a lot of Characters into it like Nathanos, Saurfang, Elisande and more.

While i like the idea i think they shyed away from mythic only phases after WoD if im not mistaken but having him as an additional add for example in the mythic fight against Sylvanas might also work.

That i also like and would like to see something more.

I think thats what they do because they actively asked in the showcase who we might think would show up in that raid and i think you don´t ask something like this if the rest of the bosses are generic nobody mawsworns so i´m positive that at least 1 or 2 of the remaining 6 Bosses will be someone we atleast know. Does not have to be an Azeroth Person could also be some leftovers from the Covenants like Nikolon, Vyraz or whoever.


Can’t understand what appeal does said NPC have for the story or players. Its not as if it has contributed in any significant way to the narrative.

They way i heard said query, it seemed as if they were hyping the unveil of the list they later showed us. The one that included KT and Sylvanas.

We may have a few known NPCs from the campaign, but i doubt the’ll have the weight we may have gotten from characters such as Sylvanas or any other Azeroth protagonist

At 10% Sylvanas will kill us all. And secure victory against all her enemies. To hell with both Alliance and Horde.

Seeing as there’s already confirmation of who we realise will come and who doesn’t, I am honestly okay with seeing nobodies take the other roles.

Now hear me out, it does sound like support for w/e Blizz wants to put in, but that isn’t necessarily bad. If the raid becomes filled and lined with individuals we know of/knew of, it would make the raid and its patch more narrow and tailored to Azeroth, Draenor etc.

The Shadowlands is meant to be a big world after all, let it be big.

See, I get your point on that, but do they need to?

I’d really be more interested in a mix of both, rather than one favouring the other.

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It’s big and scary, and we allegedly want to revenge for all the times it killed us in Torghast. ¯\(ツ)

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No one it will be a bare bone raid just like everything activision-blizzard does you’ll be lucky to even have a single faction npc in it

Well, if they want to advertise a list of shocking encounters that we’ll have in said raid, they kinda do.

Blizzard could’ve thrown the name of any fresh antagonist like some Drust or the likes of Vyraz, and they may have gotten some interest.

But the Tarragrue?..

He is like a literal “Who?” for any player that does not bother looking back once they realise their Torghast run is screwed.

I mean, doubt a Prot. paladin player has even had the chance to meet the guy.

I don´t have a problem if the remaining Bosses are nobodies but considering the Jailer is already heavily locked into Azeroth stuff and this game is build around Azeroth it also wouldn´t hurt. I mean with all the retcons and Azeroth now having a Soul half of the Universe is trying to get Azeroth and with the Lichking now being a Scheme of the Jailer he seems to have an interest too. I mean why else would he only try to install a Lk in Azeroth and not on every planet for example.

Five of the bosses have been identified.

Of these five, three are named. The Tarragrue, Sylvanas and Kel’Thuzad.

Two are known but we know little about them. The Eye of the Jailer is almost certainly the removed and repurposed eye that Odyn sacrificed for his glimpse into the Shadowlands. Is it an autonomous entity now or is someone wielding it?

Similarly the ‘Fate of the Damned’ almost certainly refers to the mass of souls that have flowed into the Maw with the attack on the Arbiter. But who are we killing to liberate it?

Helya is logically a boss we will face in the Sanctum. SoD seems to be the end of the storyline for the Maw and this is where she is now based. She could be involved in either of the Eye of the Jailer (given her connection to Odyn) or Fate of the Damned fights (Helya seems to have a role overseeing the River of Souls) or she will be a boss in her own right.

As for the remainder, we need to consider certain factors.

Players need to be able to recognise the boss. A pre-defined relationship from having encountered them in the past will be best. This means that while Sorceror Thane Thaurissan may have been an evil monster who belongs in the Sanctum, the fact most players have no idea who he is pretty much rules him out.

Demons and void creatures are out, when they die they go to their respective realms. No Archimonde, no Mannoroth, no Il’gynoth.

Thirdly, the bad guys need to be truly the worst of the worst. Garrosh was a bad guy and he got sent to Revendreth, not the Maw. These souls wouldn’t have been afforded the chance for redemption if they were so bad they ended up in the Jailer’s personal prison.

Finally, no Arthas. Too big a character to play second fiddle within Torghast. Now he MAY have a role within the Sanctum (in fact I fully expect him to be encountered) but he won’t be a boss.

The characters I believe we could encounter are

Gul’dan. The man was an absolute monster in both his incarnations. Completely irredeemable, he would have been sent to the maw immediately on both occasions. Steve Danuser indicated that alternate versions of characters from the Prime Timeline share souls, so alternate Gul’Dan likely merged with Prime Gul’Dan upon his passing. It would be fun if the merging went wrong and his soul kept splitting in two during the fight and remerging.

Deathwing. Dragon aspects, when they die, go to the Shadowlands and while Deathwing’s body was unmade his soul likely went straight to the Maw. Blizzard love Dragon fights and this would be an opportunity to right the wrong of the Cataclysm final fight.

Lei Shen. The Thunder King built an empire on the backs of tens of thousands of slaves, ripped the heart from a keeper and brought misery to the lands of Pandaria. Definitely possible.

Argus the Unmaker: If the theory that the death of Argus was responsible for shutting the Arbiter down is true, then his soul needed to go somewhere and that somewhere is the Maw. This would serve to reveal the grand strategy we were pawns in.

Nathanos Blightcaller: He swore to be at his lady’s side, and being a world boss in a pre-patch event and wanting to die to return to Sylvanas as rapidly as possible mean we haven’t seen the last of him. Either a boss in his own right or part of the Sylvanas encounter.

So those are my guesses.

In that sense, I can agree with. However, I won’t count the Tarragrue out just yet because it might highlight to become a relevant thing during its questing appearance. Bosses showing themselves outside the raid frame is not a new thing, and often has happened a lot in WoW’s expansions.

It’s not the best solution, but it certainly would pull dubious things like the Tarragrue from a ‘who?’ into something at least recognized as a big threat. Or just a huge roadblock to deal with.

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