[Spoilers] So how do you make a Death Knight?

So with the leaked Anduin artwork i kinda asked myself how did they turn him?
Because pretty much all Player DKs died and then are brought back from the dead to become a DK. Same goes for the new Four Horsemen.

The only other Deathknight i can think of were it wasn´t clearly shown was Arthas in WC3 he kills Mal’Ganis and then sometime later runs into the snowy Wilderness next time we see him he kills his father and then boom DK. His death is never really shown.

So with Anduin do you think they killed him or they turned him another way? And if so do you think it is reversible?

Probably not, because this is not Sylvanas who is the main writer Danuser’s favorite charcter / waifu and therefore has the thickest plot armor.

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Baron Rivendare also wasn’t killed first time he was a Death Knight. Anyway, how can we be sure that it’s DK Anduin, like sure he have many similarities to Death Knight Arthas but the Maw is more than that.

I’d imagine the conversion into becoming a death knight doesn’t necessarily require death. Frostmourtne was “cursed” now we know that it’s infused with a bunch of “runes of domination” and I’d imagine a “crystal of domination” (yeah I know, I know a lot of domination going on, very kinky)

My thoughts would be that the combination of the above have the effect required to posses a living being and turn them into death knights.

There were also the first Orc Dks like Teron Gorefiend, which seem unrelated to anything jailer related, just necromancy. So I guess there’s more than one way to make one!

I don’t know if I’d be more disappointed when the catlady writing squadron constantly throws kink-jokes at us this patch, or if they don’t…


It’s going to turn into 50 shades of grey next.

Are you ready for Anduin to take Sylvanas to his pleasure room at the top of Torghast?

What a time to be alive.

You are right we don´t know anything at the moment and while i am by no means a writer i would find it weird that they throw around the Anduin/Arthas parallels all the time and then suddenly decide to not follow through the same way. Then why build it up this way in the first place?

That´s what i find interesting because we never knew if Arthas died or not but what we know is that he survived cutting his Heart out so something did happen to him. But the Orc DKs you bring up are definitely an interesting Case.

I mean i don´t know if its just me but WoW has always had an overabundance of ripped male characters that do not like to wear a shirt so why not throw in some nice chains and kinky games for the lonely to warm their heart.

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Depends on the “generation” of Deathknight.
The first generation were Souls of Orc-Warlocks bound to dead human knights with Fel-Magic. Guys like Teron Gorefiend for example.

The second Generation was made up of fallen(not dead) Paladins of the Silver Hand who were broken by their Quest to end the plague and the offer of power by Ner’zhul, later Arthas was basically part of this “generation” and basically the personal Champion of Ner’zhul before he took over.

The third generation was created by Arthas and is made up of fallen heroes of the Argentum Crusade, that were bound by the LK and controlled via his Crown.
They break free in the DK-Startquest.
They are cursed to feel agony when they don’t inflict pain, done to keep them under controll.
Also part of this “batch” are the ones we create in Acherus in Legion i think, including the Four Horsemen.

The Fourth generation are the DKs created by Bolvar, made up of the dead of the fourth war, and basically left to tend to themselves by Bolvar. They still suffer the curse inflicted on the third generation, no real idea why Bolvar kept it.

Thats all i know.

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