Starting from scratch: is it possible to level without being ganked 24/7 on this server?

I like world pvp, and I like alliance, but I don’t want to invest time on a server where horde makes it impossible to level up.

I already know that ZT is alliance favored, but it doesn’t mean that horde doesn’t dominate or prevent people from leveling up.

So, alliance levelers, how is it here?

I seriously doubt you would get ganked repeatedly as a low level. A dishonourable kill equals lose honor. I’m seeing a lot of posts lately on this realm, where people are complaining about being ganked. It’s a game, you don’t die irl. God knows why some of these people even rolled on a pvp server where, you know, PvP happens. Did they expect it to be a 50/50 ratio or did they hope to be the superior faction? It’s not turned out well for the Horde rollers, but they would of been revelling in the misfortune of the Allies, if it was the other way around.

I’m leveling up an alt now with no problem. So you should be fine. By the time you get up to the late 40’s (and therefore where things could be a bit difficult atm) Battlegrounds will have launched so things should be back to “normal” as far as wPvP is concerned (which I believe it’s needed for the health of the server).

Killing low lever players doesn’t get you DK though.

We should ridicule the horde by beating their players with lower lvl characters. Recently had a session of pvp in Hillsbrad ganking lvl 25 - 32s as a lvl23 rogue.

Yes it does. As a lvl 60 anyway. If you kill anyone under lvl 48, you receive a DK. Basically anyone more than 12 levels below you.

Check your data, pal. Killing gray players (in pvp) does NOT give Dishonorable Kills. Never had. Even if you are lvl. 60

You’re right. After doing some research I can see that killing low level civilian NPC’s is what counts as a DK. However, point still remains. Levellers shouldn’t be getting camped by high levels because there’s no honor to be gained from it. There will be exceptions to the rule, such as fighting over a mining node or a lockbox the high level wants.

On that i can agree. I mean back in the days, at least on my server, corpse camping of any type was extremely frown upon. Can’t say i didnt agree with that.

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If you’re starting from scratch, you won’t have any problems. Alliance is dominating the server, so the only problematic levels are 50+ but even those are not very dangerous. Also horde is pretty friendly so they rarely attack even when they could.

Horde isn’t friendly but they know attacking any alliance will result in a 2 hour campfest by a gank squad, often it’s the alliance that attacks people. I saw like two people just pass by since phase 2.

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I don’t know about that. Alliance is definitely dominating the server at max lvl, but I think the entire 1-60 population is still relatively balanced compared to other servers. I’d expect a good amount of wpvp/ganking when venturing into contested zones. Especially during the mid-levels.

Yeah… nice story…
Since the start of Phase 2 only two lvl 60 Horde players have passed me and let me do my thing.

If you have a higher level than 47, it’s a struggle and the leveling is slow paced. Good luck.

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it just depends on who you meet, some people are nice too. Two alliance people helped me get into BRM the other day.

Nope DK is only for killing civilans NPC. Grey players don’t give honor, but they don’t give DK either.

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