State of warrior development

Hello Blizzard,

I’d like to check on your intentions concerning the warrior class. Frankly the changes in the last PTR patch are a joke. Can we please get an official statement about the intended state for warriors in 10.2.

Frist we did not get a single blue post while giving a lot of feedback.

Secondly the rotational fixes for arms and fury might improve the gameplay feel, but left but specs in dissary.

On my last point I’d like to point out that Ammirdrasil will have a lot more rotting magic damage than Aberrus. We the community, and hopefully you as well, know how well protection warriors fared against the rot fights in the current tier, Namely Experiments and Zskarn. Will there be any changes to improve the defensivenes against rotting damage for protection? Spell Reflect and Ignore Pain is sadly not enough to keep oneself healthy.

Please just give us a message that we have been heard. Even if you think the state of warrior is fine.


Rotting magic damage?

Rot damage, or RoT, refers to damage over time that slowly kills you over time (rots you away). Usually a stacking DoT. Think of as when an affliction warlock kills you with DoTs, as dampening increases, the DoTs RoT you to death - as you can’t keep on handling the constant building pressure (DPS vs HPS requirement increasing).

Prot Warrior is exceptionally weak towards magic and bleed damage in general, as the spec is based around mitigating direct physical damage. RoT magic damage, would be something that the warrior will struggle more than most with. As it hits their weakness vs RoT and Magic damage combined.

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So just DoTs, gotcha

Well no, but… yeah… I thought I explained it nicely. Perhaps someone else can do it better :dracthyr_heart:

There are two types of rotting damage:
The easier one is the constant damage the whole raid takes while fighting the boss. This damage is unavoidable and is there to keep the healers occupied. E.g. the constant AOE damage on Kazzara which increases while she gets lower on hp.

The second kind is the stacking DOT/debuff on mostly tanks, but can happen trough soaking mechanics as well. E.g Magmorax. This for the most part is single target damage and needs to be spot healed. Warrior is exceptionally bad against this kind of constant damage as it can not be blocked/spellblocked most of the times. Tanks like VDH, BDK, pala and druid can activly heal against this damage. In contrast to brewmaster, warriors do not get increased healing taken from crit and thus can’t help healers topping them up. This leads to warrior needing more healing than other tanks when this kind of rotting damage occurs. Ignore Pain as a source of healing is especially bad in these cases as spamming IP causes the rotational flow to break down and generate less rage as a result.
In my opinion the best fix for this problem would be to tune up the healing provided by Indominable to 2-3% hp/10 rage. This won’t do anything to help against big bursts of damage (thats what IP is for), but will help with the constant ticking damage type.