State Your Guilty Confessions


you are not a better player then me at all.
I do rated arena in this game and not m+. In arena i had 2.2k xp last season witch lands me around the top 3% of people
Since you do m+ in this game last season you had 1500 score, that’s about top 30%? You are noting like me.
Also if you so much care about PvE i still have better raid parses then you and i bearly care about PvE. I am in the top 3% of people in what i do you are in the top 30%.

(Mellisandrae) #73

I once put cream on a scone before the jam :sob:


Maybe if you have a premade, but i never ever see russians on the english server team, on the other hand i do see of italians/french joining there. And frankly i see russians camping graveyards less than english groups. About 40% of wsg and twin peak games i just end up leaving because i am literally the only one going after the flag. While this is fine when i am on my prot war, its just too hard to do so alone when im on my hunter or holy priest. When doing so on my holy priest besides the fact that i’m the only one attempting to go for the goal of the game i also get whining for not healing people because they are just farming kills in the middle

(Scubadiver) #75

I don’t invite russian players in my m+ runs. They either are OP wich is nice or they leave midrub
I have a hunter wich i like but no body wants to invite me in m+ so i made a paladin just to feel good refusing other dps


Hmm…I guess I tend to silently judge tanks in m+ when they do bad routes.

Im also a dps elitist and will call them out if they start acting up throwing blame around.


To make it short, i had a small drama with a person after one arena game, and i bullied his arena win and loss rating,

And i found out that my friend plays with him most of the time and he got around the same win rate as him. And yes i do still feel bad.

(Larrs) #78

I never raid with people who play pandas.

(Looksmaxxed) #79

Numbers wise, as suggested by the records, i am a better player than you at m+.
M+ was also the thing i talked about in my initial comment, not about raiding nor about pvp.

I’m really a casual that doesn’t want to go “hurr durr look at my score, bigger than yours” but seeing you went all out with how i suck and how i leave m+ runs i figured it’s a pertinent thing to point out to you.

But please, feel free to continue on being agitated. I’ll just lol.

(Leafkettle) #80

I believe that most12-20 year old children lack proper parenting, emotional empathy and an etiquette towards other players.

(Chocoh) #81

I alwayd check everyones rio score joining a random pug. No way in hell am i starting a key, if 3 of the people had 600 io score last season, and even less this season. 1 year to manage 10×10 keys isn’t exactly hard lol.

(Leafkettle) #82

What about people who just join that specific dungeon so they can get something they really want? I’m guilty of this as well.

(Unobserved) #83

I start random arguments in trade chat when i’m bored.
I secretly think that most people on the internet are idiots (and they usually are)


Had some monk who kept dying every single boss in stonecore tw, was doing it with a friend, when approaching the last boss told her: “let’s not do another with this one” and instant left when we finished the run, lol.

(Henoriel) #85

I’m usually patient and don’t mind people not being as skilled as I’d like them to be since I’m not a pgm myself… but God, oh God how I can sometimes go nuts when I random bg on my main (alliance) and lose in the most pathetic way just because people don’t know what to do… in f’cking 2019 !!! The sole thought of it is making me go crazy already, so many bad experiences.

And that’s when I start trash talking everyone in the chat.


I am Guilty of wanting to slap anyone who wants High Elf as an Allied Race, when I see people talk about it, I tell them straight up to make a blood elf Death Knight, ez blue eyes, or I hating on them for that, and I am also guilty of liking all the comments when people talk bad about it, I hate the idea of it, yes I play void elf, doesn’t mean I want another damn elf as an allied race <3


to the number 1, specially when the raid has been out for like 1 week


I thumbs up my own response to an argument using multiple characters so it looks as if I’m winning


(Gerthanas) #89

I sometimes get annoyed for being asked for portals:

  • “Can you pleeease portal me to Dalaran?”
  • “Old or new one?”
  • “Old one, it has AH”
    Then I used the portal to the Old Dalaran, not the Northrend one.
    And poor people fell to their death over Dalaran crater.

(Galander) #90

I have prejudice against Blood Elf females - especially BE Female Ret Paladins with slutmogs.


Meh I don’t mind them I have seen alot worse trust me :shushing_face:.For example imagine gnomes or pandas in slutmogs that is creepy at least belf looks humanoid.