Still no solo queue for RBG

The weird 3v3 solo queue they’re adding doesn’t appeal to me at all. The thought of logging in and then having to go through the hassle of getting a 1/3/6 group together with a druid tank of course makes me not want to log in at all. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I just want to log in, press one button to queue, alt-tab until queue pops then play. It’s 2021 and we still can’t just log in and play like every other pvp game on the market, all because Blizzard thinks players will instantly unsub if they end up with a non-meta comp.


Its will be brawl, not even close to real solo q. Its just “we will investigate”. The same was with 6x6 BG brawl - Holinka was thinking about 6x6 RBG and still thinking - more than 6 years.


Its so funny… All of the other Blizz games have Solo Queue RBGs… only WoW dont have it yet.

Overwatch have 412412412 Solo Queue modes, Heroes of the Storm also have solo queue, StarCraft too… Hearthstone too…


i’d play solo-q rbg even if it wasn’t meta

Playing 235 PvP ilvl alt - almost zero grps, most of them is glad/R1/Hoth farming conquest and ofc at low MMR. People on 1400-1600 MMR playing against you with 252-260 gear. Its impossible to climb when at your team the same 230 ilvl. Give solo q.

Solo queue for RBG would make me stay in the game forever ❤️‍🔥

Solo que is random BG.

Blizzard - no solo que please

The main problem nobody want to play RBG and PvP in general. Solo q won’t help tho. I’ve seen so many clueless people in LFG. With exp and without, you can take 2.1 cr arena players, but half of them boosted andys, other half have no clue how to play RBG. People don’t listen, run 8 mans toogether, don’t do objectives e.t.c. This is :poop: show. I just spam RBG on my rogue have something like 40% winrate and will be less tho. Solo q will be the same as LFG - random clueless teammates. At least arena is RUSH ANDY RUSH where people can hold 2 burts buttons and take 2K, but RBG not playing like this. Solo q arena can be viable and playable - RBG not. I’ve change my mind about solo q RBG, tbh. And too much boosted players, just a lot of. This is insane.

Solo queue isnt the panacea some people hope for but wont do it harm either. In fact,if its the health of the game that bothered the devs, stuff like lfr and lfg have even less of an argument to exist.

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