Stoopzz new "hey I am LFG" guild

video for reference:

Anybody interested in starting a EU version of this up? Very good idea. Will take quite a bit of dedication / organisation.

I am interested in helping run it, but work full time in a busy/stressful job so won’t have the free time to fully run it myself unfortunately.


I’d certainly join such a guild. BG nostalgia brought me back to WoW, having taken a break since Legion.

Me too. I’m in a very good and freindly PvE guild atm, but unfortunatelly no PvPers, so…

I would join too. Could help with recruiting if need be.

Definately interested in such a thing ^^
my discord is Ivar#8221

anything come of this?

same question here

I want to do the same, just put ppl loving pvp togheter.
Worldpvp and chill casual rated bg. No great players, no previous season exp, we will endure defeats and learn how to play as a team…but most of all we will have fun instead of hours of waiting.

Server defias brotherhood

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Heya, i have created a pvp community (400+ members) where newcomers are welcome.

You can find Arena partners , RBG events that are organised for low CR.

But to keep growing we need more RBG leaders, as we can only take 10 people each RBG leader. We have only 4 atm. So if you are interested in joining as an RBG leader (with/without exp) or as newcomer or experienced player you are welcome!

As our main team (1.9k+ CR, 2.1k+ MMR) is full.
Interested ? Hit me up!
Discord acc : RafaLeLe#8157
Discord community :
Ingame community : Invitation Code : GRdLxkt2q