Stop matching 2k rated healers with 2.5k DPS

I’ve had this happen all day, its beyond retarded, it is completely not fair for the dps


Because they are low rated and have low mmmr, your mmr drops as well so unless u win 5-6 if u win 3 u gonna drop hard down BECAUSE of them, at least bring their mmr if they join to ones we have

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The healer mmr is for healers and the dps mmr is for dps, check the arena end screen, they gain rating based on the wins they get against each other. The problem is that there is a reason they are at 2k rating and should not be matched to play with 2.5k players. This fix may have lowered the que times but it is beyond retarded to match people with 500 rating difference and it is not fair

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so after all Blizzard is doing something to make it easier for healers to climb rating

it is not a change that makes them climb, they still need to win against the other healers, the problem is that it completely screws the other 4 players which need to adapt to players with 500 rating lower experience. I’ve had 2.8k mmr at some point and I still got 2.1k healers, that is a 700 flat rating difference, in order to be fair for all participants the max difference should be like ±150 otherwise its a clown fiesta

idk i just stopped queing with everything XD

its easyer to not play at all and cap with other means than play random mmr matchings on a busted meta where even healer is the 3rd dps now

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