Store Mount Tyrael's charger


Why would u want such a ugly mount?


I get why this could upset you, but it is quite similar to be able to buy CE mount+pet from the last expansion, even though they should have been locked away with release of the new one.

(Áranaría) #23

It’s not upsetting it’s insulting to people who paid full whack for the CE to have those who did not do so rub it in because they get the same thing for a rock bottom price in the in game store. Please do not assume I am doing this to be difficult I am doing it because it then completely makes getting a CE at the time of release a worthless purchase and renders them null and void.


But you usually get much more than just digital items, am I right?

If they put price tag on any o the item, then you still got way better deal + things unobtainable via the store.

(Dottie) #25

Most CE editions have far more than a mount and pet and a few extras in other games that you get in the DD edition.

From what I understand you get books and music CDs and maybe badges.

(Áranaría) #26

Again point is valid but it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of someone who paid for them. And next thing people will as for is the physical stuff CE owners got it’s a slippery slope of oh I can have this it means can I have that and that and that as well please. See my point.


This is only about the digital wares, but I get why it worries you.

(Dottie) #28

You need to make the distinction between Collectors Editions and Digital Deluxe version, the difference is quite a bit.

(Áranaría) #29

I do but it still concerns me that given how people are with entitlement it would not stop at the digital side of things and we have to remember this is Blizzard being run as they are now who knows if they would try to then sell the physical items in the gear store if the idea was put into their head. I am not saying it would happen but this a hypothetical what if scenario.

And it would not bode well from that point of view you see the micro transactions now it’s bad do what I have suggested then they would take any kind of joy out of the whole idea of paying that kind of money away and it would just be there for all and that is just not something one can stomach when they have paid what they have to have the privilege of owning such a thing.

I am not completely against it but it would seriously suck if there was no sense of giving those who have paid this kind of money a sense of recognition for it taking it away would probably kill off a huge sum of money that comes in on each expansion and likely may even degrade the game even more than the sorry state it is in now.

I know full well not everyone can afford them. I am on a low income myself and I actually saved up each time for all of them and it would be a gut kick to me.


Would be nice. Tbh what I’d prefer to get back is the Spectral Wind Rider

I wont mention the Deathwheel cause apparently thats impossible due to 3rd party involved :frowning: /grumbles

(Someoneelse) #31

Wasn’t BfA physical CE rather poor?


Compared to others

was bland your correct.

(Áranaría) #33

Poor or not and that is a subjective thing dependent on the personal tastes of each person it’s really not the point of me being against this from the outset it’s the fact that the people who bought either CE or second down from it will feel that this is a kick in the teeth to them as others pay a cheaper price for whatever they had been given for the much higher price.

(Áranaría) #34

Re read your comment again sorry for second reply :thinking: yes there could be a ramification with the potential issues around trading standards and such not saying that Blizzard is not within it’s right to do what you have said but they might have legal issues in some countries as it maybe seen as misselling or misleading those customers who bought the CE or DE for the exclusivity of the items both physical and digital in it if it is the case it would take one person or a dozen to complain and then Trading Standards could act on those complaints.

Opens a can of legal worms who’s outcome could be quite unpredictable as to what actions could be taken. Again debatable.


Isn’t there like 2 CE already in the store? Cause that already diminishes them then right? Seeing as anyone can get them


Imagine asking for mounts to be added into Shop…

Meanwhile the game needs insane tweaks to be playable in different aspects…
From PvP to class design.



If I can have my blood elf shaman you can have my Tyrael’s Charger. Boring mount if you’d ask me, just some holy horse. Might as well call it reins of the swift lightbound draenei.

(Tèsla) #38

i played barely 2 days … i deinstalled wow and played diablo for 2 months. worst business in my personal history.

(Korrina) #39

I don’t know where you are getting this cheaper price from. The standalone deluxe items are sold by the price difference between the standard and deluxe editions. It’s the same price.

No one asked for having the digital items cheaper, just to have them available on the store. I’m guessing from your arguments, that if they made the old collectors editions available by the same price (subtracting the price of the standard game) that would be okay with you, since people would be paying the fair price?


As someone who has also purchased every CE from Wrath up and has the CE for BC but missed out on redeeming the code for the pet, I have to disagree with you, I buy the CE for the physical box and extra items not solely for the in game items.

Having the in-game items on the store as a deluxe upgrade (which they have done the past few expansions) doesn’t detract from the reason I bought the physical box.
I would love it if they did add past expansion as a digi upgrade, there should be more Frostys in the world darnit! :slight_smile: