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(Uruk) #689

I don’t want Method to win this one. I want someone else to win. Maybe Exorsus or Limit.

(Keydiam) #690

Speaking about it I started playing it again as well. Mainly because Shadowbringers switched up some of the classes and reduced the button bloat on Paladin. Really that was one of my biggest criticisms of the game. While WoW has not enough buttons to fill out two action bars, FFXIV had too many and several of them were utterly pointless or useless.

I firmly believe in my theory which I posted a few days ago. Even though that one was far too logical for WoW at least.


It hasn’t started yet and there’s already troubles:

It seems Red Bull went behind Method backs and negotiate with others guilds for the live stream of World first.

Get your popcorn guys.


(Uruk) #692

To be honest, since Method is the only professional raiding guild (as in they are getting paid), I expected something like this to happen.


If you had to marry either Baine or Cairne (assuming that he’s not dead), who would you marry?


In Pieces we believe.
Draenor is free.

Any Horde player that says Baine please report to aisle 7B for emergency surgery on the prefrontal cortex. The Royal Apothecary Society stand ready to provide you with the appropriate medical care necessary to free you from any such delusions.


So you would marry Cairne?


If the alternative was Baine?

You betcha.


Warcrime much?


no not a warcrime its a gift to free them from the illusions of liking baine

(Erevien) #699

Not taking chances.


Cairne for one reason - I like Bull Daddies!


Baine is a better alternative than any of the other choices. Saurfang-mass murderer, Nathanos-Sylvanas-lackey, Thrall-I-won’t-be-Chief, Lorth-Baine-was-right (about peace and working together) and so on.

(Erevien) #702

Oh you aint Worth it Bull man.


Baine is the worst. Id rather have galywix a million times then baine.

(Leíá) #704

Baine would create a faction that is like the real world’s view of “political correctness overboard.”
The guy can do 1.


“He is not prepared !”

His time will come after Warchief Baine and before Warchief Lor’themar.



Id hate warcheif baine, Baine,Anduin and Calia are the 3worst characters of all in wow imo by far.


I will be the eternal Warchief, because it is easier to keep Baine as Warchief than kill off the diminishing list of replacements.

I give you 3 weeks in the Warchief’s seat before you become inexplicably evil :stuck_out_tongue:

You forgot about Sylvanas, Rhonin, Me’dan, Greymane (being an Anduin lackey).


I totally agree with you Baine.

But this is where the Allied races comes in to play.

  • Arcanist Thallissra;
  • Geya;
  • Mayla Highmountain;
  • Princess Talanji;

So there you go.
Enough Warchiefs to keep this game going for another decade.