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So in order we have…

  • Leader (former very senior) of a race that ran away and hid for 10k years (I love those odds!)
  • Warmongering orc who has a sense of honour that agrees with Syvlanas of all people (I don’t think we’ll be looking at just internment camps this time if we lose under her)
  • Baine basically, as part of Baine x Mayla
  • A newcomer who has very little rapport with most of the Horde races, and comes from a faction that nearly ended Azeroth with ze Thunder King.


Me’dan is only ones worse then 3 i said but he got 404’d. so he doesnt exist anymore(thankfully).
Calia >Baine>Anduin from worst to slightly less bad

if baine becomes warchief i hope he doest the most horrible death possible and his people and fathers ghost says he is worthless piece of beef that serves nothing and then raises him to kill him again and again.
And then tyrande Can keep watch on him and sadfang for eternity.


I am suspicious because you list Baine, Calia and Anduin as worse than Sylvanas.


how is calia not worse ? light infused undead? has not skills in anything and onyl excists to make future Alliance holy undead.

Im not the biggest sylvannas fan but she is still quite true to her character and she has Always been bad/evil she is banshee and had her emotions adn control taken away by arthas in time and had to killed her own people.
Calia is the worst behind only me’dan imo. Then Anduin and Baine.

What good is there about those 3? nothing nothing at all.

Anduin has no real personality, but i want peace and i know nothing of politics or miltary but im somehow leader of the Alliance cause humans have to be there and there and be boss and best at evrything by writers.

Sylvannas isnt written to well in bfa but she isnt even close to calia ,anduin and horde anduin but even less of a interesting character.


Anduin has build up this “peace” personality over the expansions. I actually do like his character. But big NO NO to how it was shoved in our faces, especially that he has no counsellors to give him Battle tactic advises. OR they are just doing their job horribly!

Anyway there is alot wrong with Alliance and especially Stormwind representation in game right now!

(Leíá) #715

Brutal honest Leia strikes again.

The reason for this is because his whole core is to combat “toxic masculinity” in characters and the reason why he feels completely false is because “toxic masculinity”…it doesn’t exist.


Also anduin makes sense as stormwind king (his dad was king) but no sense at all of warleader of Alliance which is high king, what all military training he ever got was leanring how to throw a knife from valeera.
Or even religous leader but nope. he doesnt really suffer consequenses and evryone for some reason somehow loves him and supports him (except tyrande).
he is a kid with no experience nor right mindset to be one leading a war,im 99,999% sure some random solider they have would be more qualitifed/knowledable about it.

Just high king is stupid general for Alliance.
And while stomrwind maybe one of if not biggest Alliance city in wealth and so. Tyrande and Malf are demigods and could if they wanted quite easly just destroy it or at very least heavly dmg it. They should be ones leading Alliance not a inexperienced kid.

(Zarao) #717

What little we’ve been shown regarding Talanji, positions her heaps ahead of Baine regarding diplomacy, sense of state, loyalty and principles.

I get that in your usual stance you’d rather make the Horde playerbase as miserable or disappointed as possible with their faction to feel compensated for how wronged you feel regarding Night elves.
But fact is, that given her current portrayal, Talanji is simply a thousand times the leader Baine is.

(Cyrisela) #718

Basicly Anyone is way more of/better leader then Baine.


Lol no, too long has the roast beef comments been coming. And Baine is somehow being the worst out there whilst Sylvanas is fine or great. You can’t make this stuff up! :rofl:

This is justice, oh Winfield. Justice that has been long in the coming and much overdue. My reign as Warchief will put an end to the genocide apologists and war criminals!


I dont think sylvannas is fantastic or anything just better then Horde anduin baine,ANduin and Calia.
My opinion of finding those the worst characters in wow is just as valid you for soem weird reason liking baine


You think female Skeletor is a better character than Mr.Young-human…righto…


sylvannas is mostly true to how she has Always been.
Anduin yeah shouldnt be leading, is to naive doesnt face consequencnses for his stupid actions has no military knowledge at all. But somehow evryone(except tyrande) loves and does evrything he says and theyre still winning on all fronts. There isnt anything likeable about Anduin or Baine.

sorry if i like characters you dont like and i hate ones you do like, cause imo theyre the worst in WoW.
And for baine i hate how story goes pls baine pls like baine, GO love baine already and sad fang and go aid Alliance who have no real reason to help you or anything but seek your head at all. And go hate sylvannas.

And baine since he has been first introduced has been nothing like his father and Always a damsel in distress that had to be saved.

things he has done on own nothing , things he is good at except serving anduin and jaina nothing.

Only thing i want to see from baine is his death or him finnaly joining Alliance with his boyfriend anduin.

And sylvanans her being quite evil is how she has Always been, she doesnt care about morals and such thing as a undead, and she will do who she has to survive for forsaken and her. she is a undead that had her will and emotions taken away and had to kill her own people help destroy her city against her will while was enslaved by lich king. Such things do things to people and their mentality.

Even galywix cares more about his people then Baine.

(Zarao) #723

Rather have a Skeletor true to her race culture and motives, than a puppet of foreign interests with the emotional intelligence of a barnacle, with an achievement list par on some particularly handy grunt, and the diplomatic skills of a defenceless puppy that rolls on his back the second it meets any tangible challenge. If that’s the kind of Baine Golden offers, bring me Garrosh or Sylvanas.

At least Sylvanas is strongwilled enough to have sufficient ambition and goals to tag along for as long as they benefit the faction interests and offer proper payback whilst accepting sh!t from nobody.
Yeah, as of now I rather tag along the one willing to make Jaina pay for what she did to Rastakhan.

(Zarao) #724

Of course it will. It’ll offer a blanket pardon for all and any “War Criminal” that took arms in this war. With the Alliance seal of approval of course.

These “genocide apologists and war criminals” will no longer be considered such, and instead will be but misunderstood victims that got high on reality, and were but following mean ol’ Sylvies orders.
And the Alliance will clap for their realisation. Night elves included.

Amazing story. You sure get the gist of good writing.


its sad cause thats 99% sure whats gonna happen


Nah, they will be exiled as troublemakers to the frontier regions. There they can express their excessively violent tendencies against people who already have grudges against them, and thus removing two problems at once.

You cannot even fathom a strong Warchief Baine!

(Erevien) #727

You see Anduin is wise beyond his years! He always makes the right and best decisions by default, and the other leaders won’t ever stop praising his godly leadership.

(Leíá) #728

They said the same thing about Azshara and look what happened to her.


He seems to be wise beyond anyones experience. Which makes no sense!

Sickens me to see how invisible rest of the Alliance members are. And Jaina kinda using Anduin’s naivety in her advantage.

What do have Dwarves have to say in all this?? Where are they anyway.