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(Erevien) #730

Stopped being relevant after Cataclysm when Varian enforced their new council government on them.

(Zarao) #731

That’s because as of now, given how they are writing him, that’s about as probable as him sprouting wings and becoming a demon hunter.


Don’t give the devs ideas of DH Tauren.


no one is imune to the crap writing of wow sadly


if its not a human or Baine it doesnt matter for the Alliance at all.


Can you please stop posting this nonsense? It’s annoying.


Aslong doesnt violate the Forum rules i can post what i want.
And find my post annoying blame lack of ingore function on these new forums.

(Leíá) #737

She’s not exactly wrong though.

If your anything but a Human fan, your basically unwanted in the Alliance.
Atleast as Horde every race has a part to play…even the Nightborne. I must express Nightborne because I’m not ashamed to hide my bias. I play a Nightborne Priest for god sake…

(Araphant) #738

The human racial portrayal is abominable and lacking. If you aren’t an Anduin/Jaina fan, you are unwanted in the Alliance.

Stormwind itself, as the playable race, is awfully neglected. And don’t let me get started on the other kingdoms…

(Leíá) #739

Good idea.

We don’t want to mention DarnASHus…sorry, too soon…?

(Araphant) #740

I kinda want to. I never tire of watching this.

(Leíá) #741

Haha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Don’t worry though. Suramar still stands and it was made by Night Elves.

(Zarao) #742

Kul tiras was acceptably fleshed. Dalaran kinda in Wotlk.
Gilneas kinda too during Cataclysm (if only to highlight the struggle).

Agree on the Stormwind bit. The fact they made a butler out of a noble is an abomination.

(Araphant) #743

Kul Tiras is a recent addition on which I agree, Dalaran is a human kingdom sacrificed to neutrality, Gilneas is a ruin of uncertain status which wasn’t even reclaimed after a war which we apparently won.

How do you think night elves would feel if Anduin told them that we might reclaim their lands in the future? That’s the Gilnean position from MOP to BFA.

(Leíá) #744

To be honest, if we go into it - Dalaran was never truly a Human Kingdom, as it was a large school whereby Humans and Quel’dorei could come together, learn together and to teach other Humans, Elves, Gnomes and the occasional cute Goblin.

(Araphant) #745

It was, though. It was a magocratic city-state built by human magicians of the Arathi Empire. The high elven wizards and the others arrived later. But I digress. Point here is that even Dalaran was gutted in the lore-sense.

In the novels and in the RPG, you had a politically astute nation that was shunned by its neighbors and which cleverly maneuvered through politics in order to do what must be done. The Kirin Tor was never clean, you saw what happened to the blood elves under Modera.

Those shades of grey vanished in order for Dalaran to be some Azeroth variation of United Nations. So, I can not say I am satisfied with Dalaran’s lore either, regardless of its affiliation.

To underline my opinion, I do not lament that “ARRGGGGHHH, Dalaran should fight the Horde”.

I lament the white-washing which was necessary for such a position.

(Leíá) #746

But it always held that link with the Elves and to Silvermoon, so unlike Lordaeron or Arathi - which acted as an independent, Dalaran was always a city that linked with Silvermoon, due to the deal the Humans and Elves made during the early troll wars (which the Elves started, btw but let’s not go there.)

Their is a small segment which is the reason behind the…deep connection between Silvermoon and Dalaran and that was due to some of the early Human Arcanists began summoning in minor demons of the Legion and it wasn’t until the Convocation of Silvermoon got involved and basically said “hey dumb-a$$es, don’t do that!”

(Araphant) #747

If we keep discussing this line of debate, I am afraid we will end up on the faction lines. I acknowledge thy wisdom without a proper reply to avoid such a situation.


Should’ve been the real trailer for BfA tbh.

(Araphant) #749

I don’t know how people can even argue about factions in BFA when both sides ended up as parodies…