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I say we forget about the factions and shut up and have some pizza!

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Post this if you think BFA sucks.

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Everyone do as your told.


What kind of pizza is that?

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Do as yar told, bull-mon, or ya will be speaking to Cairne soon enough. Also, Pepperoni.


Watch your tone, Paladin.

Ok, cool.


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Wait, are we talking exposure or development?

Because even if Gilneas is indeed a ruin, and its lore has remained stagnant throughout most of current expansions, we were still given a fair glimpse at its politics. We know there were several known nobles such as Ashbury, Walden, Godfrey, Crowley, etc., we know not all agreed with Greymane (both regarding the curse and how he handled the war), and we know about most of its hierarchical and societal structure.
Books expand on their past relations with the other human kingdoms.

Similar happens with Dalaran, although theirs is a tougher case, as it has been swept under the neutrality tag and turned into a multiracial paradise (“best” scenario), or swallowed whole and spitted out once its role was no longer of use by Jaina The Black Hole.
Still, there were some neat politics going on. Specially during Wrath.
Arguably, not as rich as the ones that came afterwards with other kingdoms.

But still better than Stormwind. Which had the misfortune of having its spotlight at a time when lore was of little importance, and when time came to shine, was taken over by the Wrynns.

Regarding present state of either kingdom, i see it as a tangential issue to their depth and story.
Orcs have little remaining of their former clan structure (same as trolls), and still remain with a rich and deep background regardless.


it Always kinda was but at same wasnt dalaran a human nation it was founded by humans so could practice magic unhindered after the elves thought them. without others getting worried or supcious since magic was quite a new thing and could do own studies.
And eventually it kinda became the magic hub

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Oh, I do agree Gilneas and Dalaran have it better then Stormwind, if simply by virtue that they don’t have a character like Varian or Anduin stealing the entire spot-light.

I just find the human potential statement rather unjust when it is applied to the entire race, especially as Stormwind and its citizens exist as props for the Wrynns.


human potential is still not untierly u just for non wryns though.
Jaine being better the thalysra and zul,khadgar i guess(though he was medivhs apprentice),nathanos as only human ranger or all the windrunner sistsers their men in general.
And focus being in Alliance for most part Humans of some kind, like Varian had to teach tyrande tactics >.>.

And humans being greatest kingdom in Alliance, best army ,best fighters?

Wryns are worst but others still have it.


like this?

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Exactly like that!


you only eat 1slice of pizza though?
And you said peperoni, i hope you still do something else except only peperoni on it.


I agree.

General forum says: Hello !

How many daily posters you see, there:

  • Still stuck on “Good War” reading, never moving past that point ?
  • Even through we have discussed many times that one faction beating the other will end up, with the player base, that supported the defeated faction, unsubscribing, thus making Activision Blizzard losing millions, is not possible, yet people still believe in it like the thuth and nothing else than the truth ?

At this point I just guive up.


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adds chilli and pineapple for the great taste


Is there anymore left?


Araphant ate them all. You see, he tricked you - by giving your pizza, he got food for the rest of the week.


I just visited the ruins of Lordaeron, Stromgarde, Alterac, and Theramore yesterday. I can just feel the Human potential and bias from Blizzard.


I visited Mulgore yesterday, and I’m actually glad how nice the Tauren have it.

There is enough lore to work with, enough characters and factions/orders/tribes, just so many opportunities. I fear the day when Blizzard realises that they still exist (apart from the Heritage questline) and ruins them.


looks sad and betrayed

Alright then… I’ll just have this apple… :apple:

Damn this capitalist Paladin.