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Its better, but still utterly bland. Boring storytelling. As for follower level up is clearly good decision.


I don’t care about the storytelling anymore, though. There’s something satisfying about doing Nazjatar content.

I do agree that it’s a bit boring if you turn it into a grind, as some people are doing, but it’s way better than Argus or the Broken Shore. It has all those zones had to offer, but tries to include other things as well. Although the Argus story was far more interesting.

Honestly, if you have the mount equipment that disallows mobs to daze you, or the Coarse Leather Barding and gliders… you’re good to go. Traveling around is not that hard.


Yes, starting 8.2 Nazjatar was way more entertaining with BfN and even dailies and pvp. But later on Mechagon took over with its massive amount stuff to do and overall its quests and features outperform Nazjatar, at least in my experience.

P.S. But I had blast grapple hooking in Nazjatar, love those layered zones!


So who still wants :ice_cream:?


Well, why not?


Hands Haiete a pinenut and strawberry ice cream cone


A what? Hold on, does this exist?

Also, btw, guys, I bumped my head in the bus yesterday and it still hurts.


Yes. It’s a key component of a Tauren bread staple albeit two words pine nut. They exist IRL as well, but are extremely expensive as nuts go.


Have a lump? Are you an Unicorn? Or a Tricorn …?


your asking people on the internet to behave and not act like children.
You still got that much trust in humanity?


Your character reminds me that if the Ash Elves wore a little more armor, they might still have their home.


Also since doesnt have to be wow related in here.
Ive been watching some warcraft 3 replays for some interesting custom maps for 12players where each has control over certain faction and it has extra upgrades,lvl,unique heroes and special summons for high lvl. can ally and betray others its really fun to watch actully: for anyone interested.

Also im doing a living dex currently in my old pokemon platinum , currently at just under 102hours into the save and im not even halfway done.
And living dex is having evry species of pokemon in your game(so like charmander, charmeleon and charizard and not only charizard) it takes alot of time to get all of them.
But its fun challenge and first time im doing it. Just very time consuming since il have to use multiple other games to trade and get all the starters(if i want the gen 3 starters all of them il have to replay soulsilver or hearthgold and do postgame of kanto 3times)


I largly use this cause i got nothing better at my lvl aviable for transmog
cant use the garison set with warcraft movie swords and ashran tabard for example till im lvl 90 atleast and no legion mogs till 98.


Yeah, those WC3 maps are cool. You get to play as the big players like the Legion, the Scourge, Lordaeron, etc and the map looks stunning. There is even a RP version but it’s dead. I’d love a Grand Strategy game based on Azeroth, not going to lie.


those warcraft 3maps i actully wonder how they will look with reforged ,thought i asume all wll have to be redone the custom models.

And once reforged comes out evenetually(it has to come out someday right?) il if i got time for it actully try make some custom maps myself of wow locations. id be thinking stuff like alterac valley,ashran(the orge king and ancient and elementa could be bosses youd to have to recruit or sacriface hero for same for av ones) and just a massive ancient of war would be amazing to see trample over troops.

But il by then since stuff will likly change anyway with reforged on how to make them(think they said would have improved map maker). and if it takes like 3months and then reforged comes out i wouldnt wanna do work twice.

But currently ive been watching as many of them as i can while i aslo work towards my living dex, and regardless the dude is pretty nice commentary in background.


It wouldn’t surprise me if Blizzard adds those maps themselves for online matches, since they want to add a lot of new stuff to Reforged, both from a story and gameplay perspective. Also, I don’t think there has been any news about Reforged since last Blizzcon…?


closest thing to news was accidental reveal of night elf units which for some reason had dark ranger instead of a night elf archer and then was taken down.
I hope we get bit more before blizzcon adn then in blizzcon aton of info gets dropped and then its released a week after.


They said the latest release date would be December 2019, so yeah, in theory there isn’t a lot of waiting time left.


Doesnt it say before 31 december 2019 ends? so thats last day it can be released but can be before. But i dont think will be released before classic is out. Classic still in summer and reforged in next part of year (e4 i think?)

Also id love of blizz made their own maps for some story events like those azeroth wars and such. Wc3 is better for story events and telling really. like if you need multiple huge armies you cant really show it in wow since world is heavly downscaled and well lag.


If Erevien complains about Baine in the coming 30 days, please let me know. We have a deal about that.