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Jaina removes her mask to reveal that she is time-travelling Cersei Lannister. She blows up Thunder Bluff with Fel magic and whispers “The Wrynns send their regards.”

I started rewatching Game of Thrones.


Why would you do that to yourself?


It’s good in the same way that Warcraft’s story is good, if you decide in your headcanon that the story ended at a different point. In my headcanon for example, GoT ended at Season 6. At least for Warcraft I see a lot of people who straight up ignore World of Warcraft’s lore and consider Archimonde’s death as their canon ending.


Nah its not to high tech, i jsut mainly got nothing better to wear at my lvl. And night elves have tradionaly wore skimpy clothes as thats more benifcial then huge heavy armor in a forest aswell.

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Coughs in Night Elf Warden


well for most part im true,arent they like only armored unit /hero they had at all?


Yeah, if I were you I wouldn’t admit that I can’t manage to dress myself, either.


and all that is done easier without a squish, and wont way more then likly break the game.
A squish is worthless.
Skills over lvlsl spread out more, dont need asquish for that in the slightest.
Timeline not making sense dont need a squish for that,cata dint need a squish to make a world revamp.
To make lvling more intresting a squish doesnt help that on its own at all. a squish is just changing numbers of how many lvls(half lvls, each lvl now takes double time) better spread out skills or faster lvls isnt a squish its something that can be done(easier without)


I can dress myself just fine, i just like this outfit and im not high enough lvl for stormwind armor + warcraft movie swords and ashran tabard, or the legion pvp sets i like, and not able to use artifact skins for weapons either.
Only other set i got at my lvl for rogues is bloodfang and its not to good imo.

Also got no swords that fit it either.

and atleast gear and weapons look normal on night elf unlike gnomes,evry 2hander isnt larger then my body and doesnt clip halfway through floor.
And ive never liked gnomes at all.

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Huntress had (visually) some armour, including an iconic plate helmet. Priestess of the Moon wore some armour but not that much. The pauldrons being the most prominent and what looks like at least some plate over the chest.

Yes I know the link says Mirana but any Dota 1 player knows the models are the same.

Though WC III had a strange armour system at times (prob balance over realism).

But yes, the trope that we’re skimpy warrior women was and is true for the main part. Not that I’m complaining…but we have plate and do use it in lore as well.


Yeah, stick to that story. :wink:


I forgot priestes even had armor, its actully quite hard to see
and dint think about helmet on huntresses.

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Skimpy nelves make for great eyecandy.

People in this topic stop slutshaming :stuck_out_tongue:


one of my fav sets for Alliance is the stormwind guard armor from wod garrison,
And its something i used alot on my Alliance dk aswell,its that or the wod season 1 palladin lookalike.
And my fav rogue set is the mythic hfc but i dont have all piece,misisng
And mythic tomb set which i have to wait till next expac to get.


ineed, nothing wrong with some skimpy outfits :stuck_out_tongue:
Also i bet the gnome is just jealous of that nigth elves actully can look good in a skimpy outfit unlike them :wink:

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Their clothes burned with Teldrassil, be compassionate oh gnome.


They’ve been lounging around Stormwind for months. No excuses.

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But it is so hot and humid in Stormwind…


Well, the rest of the world is open to them.


They can live in Mechagon, which is Night Elf land anyway.