Story Forum Offtopic Lounge pt. 2


Oh I am very busy right now.


Aren’t bullfights forbidden by now? Gotta ask D.E.H.T.A.


About to unlock flying, I started the grind like one week ago. Let me just say that Mechagon is kind of fun, albeit ugly, and I want Sargeras to stab Nazjatar like he did with Silithus.

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Thank you, you are too kind. A just reward after wasting my time in a gnome dump.


Even though you insulted my character, for which I take no offense, I’ll still congratulate you.

I can assure you, Kul Tiras will look even more beautiful from the skies than from the ground.


And you shouldn’t take offense at that. Just like I don’t care about people making fun of the Kul Tirans because they are fat.


kill it, kill it fire!


Offtopic from current debate between the human and tauren. Did you know there is a warcraft boardgame? it even has a expansion based around frozen throne?


just use a stormwind torch, no reason you wouldnt be able to put some tauren on fire if it burned stone buildings in stormwind and most of the city.


Well, the forums are dead again. 6 hours since the last post in the story forum, damn.

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Well, nothing interesting is happening right now. And the overall story of the expansion…we have talked too many times about it and we basically came to the overall agreement that it sucks. That it utterly and completely sucks for both factions. (Except Erevien of course. He still searches for Alliance bias.)


But we can still argue that the posters with the wrong faction colour are wrong and have no right to bash the other faction. Only I can hit my little brother. That way we can argue forever, because saying that both factions have it bad means that you are attacking my faction.

By the way, just took a look into the pandaria short stories for reference again… The Shado-Pan are… well, savage.

"Of course, you can refuse the mercy I have extended and confirm Tao-Long’s suspicions. And then we will take the scroll from you, as well as your life. But don’t think that this means we will simply kill you, thief. When the Shado-pan take your life, it means that your life comes into our possession. We will bind you, take your eyes, your feet, and all but two of your fingers so that you can feed yourself. Then you will be strapped to a mount and carried to our monastery high in Kun-Lai Summit. Upon your arrival, you will be placed on an ice-rimmed ledge to wait for our Truthseekers.

The Shado-pan Truthseekers will teach you that the previous removal of your eyes was only the first and most gentle of our gifts. They will find out how you have been corrupted by the sha, what you know of their designs, and whether we should toss you to the canyon winds for judgment."


The Alliance have still not surrendered! Alliance Bias!


Even the lore section of MMO-Champion is kind of dying down, at least compared to last year. The forums were much more active during the War of Thorns, the difference is obvious.

The story is just boring now and there is nothing happening. All the theories like Il’gynoth’s whispers, Garrosh 2.0, etc. have been beaten to death. There’s nothing interesting to talk about. Wait for 8.2.5 at this point.


And really, 8.2.5 won’t have much that we haven’t talked to death, no matter which way it goes. Siege of Thunderbluff? Sylvanas revealing her evil plan? Sylvanas revealing her super secret old god fighting plan? Baine hooking up with Anduin? We’ve talked about it all.


It will be something at least. This forum is so boring right now, there are like 12 people left, and a third of them are just alts of the same Sylvanas stan.

Also, the AH dance party is very fun. It is a good way to meet new people and chat for 10 minutes. I like it, Blizzard should promote more events like this where players can gather around in a visited hub.

Needless to say, we thick Kul Tirans make the party ten times more… interesting.


Wait, that’s today??

Well, time to get to Orgrimmar then, I don’t want to miss this. It was very fun last year.

When are we going to see a topless Daelinna??


Yeah… huh… No. I am not into that kind of fun.

Also, I noticed that Jaina and Katherine appear out of nowhere to dance with the Kul Tirans when they get on stage. That’s cool. But why is Katherine in a disco? Isn’s she like… an old mother? Daelin wouldn’t be happy.

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I keep saying it because it’s the truth. Alliance bias and human bias are Blizzards main motivation to write story.