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Tonight humans went on stage two times consecutively. Human bias. Alliance bias. Jaina bias. Blizzard is conspiring against the Horde!

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Aha, it works!

Anyway, Erevien entering a thread with Alliance Bias:

Kudos to Aeula for finding this gif.

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I could provide a very long list to prove my point further. But considering the current time I am too tired for this right now.

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Thank the Light.


remain extremely tired for the rest of this expansion if you can please


Human Sparkle Knight conspiracy! The Horde blames you for the Scourge! Arthas was one of your best!

Taps Microphone

Anti-Baine bias.

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Hey, She’s not -that- old, and old people can dance too y’know, just not to the same music as those pesky kids!

Far too much of that in the Horde playerbase. To quote Saurfang “I Want my Horde back!” I’m fed up to the back teeth of Sylvanas, and even more with bloody Nathanos, a character so annoying it is like they set out and went "How can we make a character that is really annoying, and give him suddenly a human model with red eyes, despite him not being a Dark Ranger, but just a spod human Forsaken! Ta Da!

I’'ve had enough of Skankrunner and her human Boytoy. I had enough of it at the start of Legion to be honest…
But yeah, Baine dindu nuffin wrong.


like you are sick of nathanos and sylvannas im sick of baine. He,calia,anduin id love of they all went way of me’dan or just killed(and pls jjust remove the stupid holy undead calia)

Baine has Always been more of a Alliance char then horde in my eyes.
He is nothing like cairne who was actully likeable.
bfa teldrasil nope doesnt care, the wa rnope, loosing undercity or plague used there, or anything nope. But o god if jaina the biggest threat to excistence of horde on Alliance might get hurt then then its bad then he cares.


Hush now, young Kaldorei, I have negotiations to do with your leaders Tyrande and Malfurion.


You renember the darkshore cinemaatic where malf pulled a orc into the ground?
He should do that with Baine.

And why would they negoiate with with any horde, theyre all responsible for loss of their home and tons of their people ,civilains dying in the fire.
No matter how much blizz tries to act like it only sylvannas its not, the rest of horde is just as responsible as her for the burning. She couldnt have invaded alone,she couldnt have burned it alone, they even had shamans use winds to make fire bigger.

And Baine dint care at all about the burning, only he cares is anduin adn jaina.

Also basicly evry night elf is way older then any tauren,escpially baine. Most are thousands of years old.


Kinda hard to be accused of lacking in care when I was deliberately ordered away from the taskforce sent to Darkshore! I was not allowed to be there!

Your hatred of me smells like a smokescreen. You should be directing it against the people who were actually behind the planning and leading of Darkshore.


Yeah adn baine still dint complain or anything, he only started caring about what sylvannas did when derek was gonna be used to take out Jaina. Then he cared else he dint.

Saurfang is main one he planned and he should be kileld by tyrande and malfurion for it.
Baine is responsible aswell,dint speak out or anything even after he knew ithe only cares about anduin and jaina nothing else.And his people still acted in the burning and the siege on their lands.

Tyrande and Malfurion rightly so want the horde dead all of them.


…until the end of the addon, when they will likely make peace, because plot, or at least one of them will, while we kill the other.


And thats why we should get new writers or the higher up who decides this kind of crap.


Well regarding the accusation I didn’t complain…Saurfang has been hogging the limelight! Three cinematics, if not four! Barely can get a word in otherwise.


And youre still responisble aswell. And Tyrande And Malf should seek to kill him aswell


I didn’t hire these guys…


i know. But we should still get new writers or whoever that decides crap like that be replaced.


Yeah well, somehow I don’t think Tyrande and Malfurion wish to see all the Horde destroyed. Especially their old pals such as Thrall and the Tauren.

Inb4 Death of Gelbin?

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