Stranded with the above poster

(Talraea) #490

Between two veterans of the wild, survival should be no problem. Getting home, on the other hand… Assuming Alavie has no more experience building boats than Talraea, a lot of guesswork would have to be involved. At least they have plenty to talk about.

(Kynandris) #491

Not being stranded at all, knowing how to teleport.

(Cathríon) #492

@ Talraea

Cathríon stranded with Talraea would be one of those typical kinds of scenarios where two people work together without any issues at all, asides from random thinly veiled and snide jabs at one another’s expense every now and then in typical Elven fashion, given the fact Cathríon still feels somewhat slighted by Talraea’s recent decision making and willingness to become … what she has become. They’d most likely concur on a similar course of action or agree on a mutually beneficial goal to survive the situation and work towards it with minimal, if any, conflict.

Also, they’re Elves, so naturally they’d be successful!

Ways in which Cathríon would passively troll Talraea during their stay on THE ISLAND™:

  • Calling her “My little Sapphire”.
  • Flipping her ponytail with a stick, then informing her if she still expects it to be flipped with her hand now that it’s a tentacle, she’s got another thing coming.
  • Suggesting that Talraea should be happy, since this is her first chance to spend some quality alone time with her since “the ordeal”.
  • Sneaking up on Talraea when she thinks she’s alone before whispering some complete nonsense phrases in an Old God kind of tone about “six eyed elekks watching from depths” and things of that nature.
  • Making fun of her accent, suggesting she sounds a lot more Gilnean all of a sudden, and the terminology and such which she uses reminds her more and more of a human every time she sees her.


If it turns out Talraea is eventually able to secure passage away through use of void rifts or something of a similar, sketchy nature, Cathríon would actually trust her completely. If Cathríon was able to secure some sort of escape where it would result in them returning to Horde aligned territory, she would help facilitate Talraea’s evasion of detection, or if apprehended, her escape.

@ Kynandris

Well, I guess take her portal as well then, if she’s going to be a spoilsport.

(Araphant) #493

Araphant would have no issue cooperating with the blood elf. His time in the Argent Crusade has shown him that he can trust Horde races, and since he served in the Second War, he has a positive experience with Thallasian elves.

The two are reasonable individuals, so they would probably discuss a proper course of action, and work in their mutual interest.

Since Cathrion is known as the number one fan of Gilneas, and he is Gilnean, he would make sure to give her long speeches about the fine points of why Greymane is such a majestic leader, which would lead to many a fine evening of being chased around the island by a person quite skilled in using daggers. But it would all work out for the best, he needs his exercise.

(Thuldrell) #494

Days after the Nightborne’s warship was destroyed by naga. Thuldrell was the only survivor. He washes ashore to an island in the back end of nowhere. Naturally he assumes hes alone and begins to plan his strategy.

He is proven wrong when he finds an Alliance paladin in a similar predicament. As innevitable as the tides they engage in combat.

After a solid 2 hours of fighting they both collapse from exhaustion, and after a few back and forth insults. They laugh.

That day a true friendship was born.


After a long battle against demons, Gor’kamp(kump) , exhausted, falls somewhere in a desert somewhere…

He notices a Nightborne fallen over there, he goes to heal the elf with shamanistic magic… As the elf gets healed, Gor’kamp faints…

Some hours later, he awakes, in an elven building, on a bed… The Nightborne took him home, to Suramar… After he healed him and saved his life…

(Mahlificia) #496

( I did not know you were a Rogue who multiclassed into Necromancer too! )

Finding herself stranded on a remote tropic island with the Orc, the scenario would likely have two different outcomes depending on how certain things played out.

Scenario 1.
Mahli’ficia becomes taskmaster.
If Kump complied, Mahli’ficia would be able to find a creative way to tap into the leyline network and teleport them back to Dalaran!

However, if not…

Scenario 2.
Kump refuses to acknowledge Mahli’ficia as supreme taskmaster, in which case Mahli’ficia would sacrifice the Orc and summon one of her demons instead to do his work. Although being stranded on a remote island with an independently-minded ditz of a succubus might be a scant improvement~


Gives a slow nod to Mahlificia and goes into a deep state of thought. Only to realise he’s already dead.

Hachak decides to walk back home. He’s undead after all. Through the sea.


Lets him leave and wander off onto the Island to find resources for a hut or boat.
If she has her saurids with her, send those off to help in the search.


Well this would be interesting. Velyrina would always be on guard and have a demon watch her back while trying to figure out a way of the island. She wouldn’t be the first to attack but would be quick to defend herself.


He would see her, pondering if he can trust her… Her soul is dark, corrupted…

Regardless, the seer (yes i am a seer) would heal her with his shamanistic powers, as his honor tells him to do so… He would carry the void elf to somewhere safe from the danger in middle of the land… As he finds a cave, lights up a campfire inside… The elf awakens, seeing the honorable orc seer saved her …
So would begin a friendship between the two… (Yes just friendship not dating)

(Roessler) #503

Roessler would probably approach the orc with suspicion at first, waiting to see if he turns out to be hostile. If Kump doesn’t appear hostile he’d reluctantly offer to work together in surviving and getting off the island.

Should the two end up working together I could even see an unlikely friendship forming between them.


Well, Zymara would play the innocent and helpless Draenei who needs the help of the strong and powerful Paladin
She would hide her void-powers from Roessler… the Paladins usually quick to judge someone with living shadows and quicker with the light-blessed hammer of theirs
But asaide that, she could work together with the human and would not try to murder or sacrifice him… instead slowly would try to teach him about the void and the ‘Dark Side’
Did you ever hear the Tragedy of… Thal’kiel the wise? - for example, to show the Paladin, if the Eredar would have Thal’kiel’s wisdom and knowledge about the Legion, Sargeras and his ragtag band of demons maybe would not have the chance to tempt them… to fool them…
And from there with another step to show the Void, she would slowly begin to corrupt… eh… .such an ugly world, lets say… teach and guide the noble Paladin to a darker path
The Void’s dream is a Void-Titan
But she would settle with a Void-Paladin^^
When the rescue team arrives, maybe she would have a usefull acolyte who would recruit other in his own little Paladin-club, the Knights of the Shadow Hand… :octopus:

(Shalim) #507

Shalim would probably not trust Zymara. He would believe that she is the reason why he ended on that place.
In the end, he would need to cooperate with the Draenei to survive. He could have trouble though, to keep his own mind as the Draenei might try to charm him or tempt him.

(Teknetia) #508

“A Demon Hunter. Oh Naaru why?”

Tek would detest having to be stranded with someone who wields the Fel. Whilst they share a mutual hatred of Demons and the Legion, their opinions on how the Legion was dealt with are very different.

They’d find some common ground through their hatred of Demons and the Legion and through their experiences of Nigh Elf society however Tek would never be able to trust Shalim. In the end Tek would eventually work with Shalim for his own survival but would always be ready to pull the trigger if the Demon Hunter betrays him.

After witnessing the massacre of his people on Draenor, he can never forgive or trust anyone that would willingly use Fel magic.

(Daltor) #509

A preachy one who isn’t even the attractive female type… Why couldn’t I be stuck here with a druid or something useful?


A strong warrior wolf… not a bad company to be stranded with
A pity, he was a human once… but the whole curse is an improvement!
If for some reason the whole island would be under an anti-magic barrier so no portals to summon? Or anything? Thyrellas would accept the Bite, to improve her chances for survival
Or if needed, force Daltor to bite her and turn her in to a Worgen
Lure him in a trap or killing him for his blood would be a last resort


Stranded with a Nightborne mage? So she can conjure food, water, even clothing… not to mention raise an arcane barrier for protection from the weather/elements.

I’ll just sit here and enjoy this holiday then I suppose, mon.


Stranded with a sneaky Troll Rouge?
Great Greymane, what have I done to deserve this?!

*Looks at the pack of dreadstalker gnawing the bones of the last victim

"Oh. Right. Well… I think we could work together. I’ve heard for a Troll everything could be a Loa, so I guess, I’m a kind of a priest in his eyes, one who tlaks and make bargains with some darker loa. An Observer to keep an eye - or several eyes- on him, so Zolwamba couldn’t sneak up on me, and everything will be fine.

(Ussrainblood) #513

Stranded with Damien Rainblood figure it is still meat and once dead he would return to human.

I would jump on the warlock throat af the first sight for after all he understand sacrifice are sometimes needed and for Rainblood hungryness and food take priority over>>>>> friendship =)

I would begin by some roasted worgen tail and a snoot too,burp and as for water well your blood will do for while.

Rest in peace brave noble warlock, i promess on the head of the first being i killed… i will always honor your memory. :smiley: