Streamer with 26,000 viewers doesn't know AV

(Infix) #1

That guy got an invite, he is asking people what to do all the time.
He goes on Drek at some point, and orders “All heals on me, i’m gonna tank him”
Dies in 10 seconds.
And this is a light, easy AV.
What on earth is he “beta testing” when he admits he doesn’t know how AV was?


cant blame the streamer tbh,its blizzards problem,just inviting anyone who they think can promote the game and by game i mean retail,as classic is free if you sub to retail,blizz dont care if you play classic or not but you will have to be subbed.

(Этмер) #3

Streamers supposed to promote Classic. They were selected for a reason. There are thousands of other players with vanilla experience who will beta test the game.


regardless who’s fault is it, and I agree it’s Blizz fault, what feedback are they going to get from a bunch of clueless people?
How do they know if it works as intended?
I seriously doubt they know Drek’s abilities when i see dialogues like

(Uzuki) #5

I mean come on, you know they don’t care about or expect feedback from these people. All they care about is the free advertising.

(Trajan) #6

To be fair he does bring 26 000 pairs of eyes with him to observe the game. That is hard to match alone no matter how much of a Vanilla veteran you are.

Really none of this matters. Classic will launch with a long list of known issues because that is what always happens. The bottleneck is time and resources and not the amount of reports from the beta.

What I find amazing is how anxious and envious people are about a beta that you have to pay for.


Can you stop crying already? “waaaa this guy doesn’t know as much as i do WAAAA MOMMY I WANT PACIFIER.”

Stop crying about streamers already, this is like the 50th post about this useless topic. Theres like 50 streamers and 1950 random players. Yet u just have to cry about it. Quit these threads.


Yeah, 26K of irrelevant eyes, who pay to watch him, not what he plays. Not about the game, but his personal fans. Who will push to make the game how HE likes it.


What are they pushing? non of them are in the beta. Don’t play on his server then? Who cares if he gets thunderfury, ragnaros wep, atiesh and everything he wants? Why does it matter TO YOU PERSONALLY? Is ur gameplay affected? No.


Getting tired of this.
You really don’t see that, that mob, that viewer muscle, will enforce their rules game-wise? Not just for their realm/US servers?
It’s really really obvious.


Which streamer is going to enforce rules on an entire server? Have you seen any streamer actually advocating for stuff to be run their way? Again, don’t play on their server. It’s not obvious, you’re just making irradical assumptions based on things that ppl like Asmon will somehow control hundreds of thousands of players accross US realms. Have you seen him outside his streaming environment? A very reasonable person. Watch him on podcasts, he def wouldn’t do stuff like this to ruin the entire game.

(Crustus) #12

Is it now a shameful thing to not know something and ask?

Is it now a shameful thing to bite the dust against a Boss?

I think your constant bile spewing at streamers is getting rediculous.


It’s for attention seeking. I wonder how these guys will react to newbs “OMG YOU DON’T KNOW THIS? NOOB, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT.”

Ye you can’t ask questions. If you don’t know every single thing, down to the smallest detail, like if you can’t recite the correct resistance of every boss in the game, are you even allowed to download the game?

Classic is like a religion to some people…


It’s shameful to give beta testing to people who don’t know what they’re playing.
How are they gonna beta test the “unknown”?
They don’t know how things SHOULD BE.
They have no measurement.


But can you guarantee, that the non streamers knows everything? Ofcourse not, but you’re just jumping on this childish hypetrain to hate on like what, 50 players of the entire 2k+ pool of players. Why arn’t you attacking other random ppl like you attack the streamers?

No1 remembers every detail. But everyone remembers something. Also the chat is helping them to, to some degree.

(Crustus) #16

And how would you solve that “problem”… have everyone make some final exam before invited?

Why not just be honest and say you are jealous of them?


I’m not jealous.
You don’t see the problem.
Every BETA will have noobs and “irrelevants”.
The thing with streamers is that they have a massive *viewers muscle" and they are able to embed their ignorance as an influence force on the game.
Imagine a noob who doesn’t like this or that, BUT has the viewers, the FAN MUSCLE, to make a Gaming Company obey to them.

(Trajan) #18

That does sound mighty scary. Can you give some examples of things that they are planning on changing in Classic?


It’s not a matter of “plan”. It’s a matter of “viewers muscle” weight on a game.
By a community who may very well forget all about WoW in 3 months,
when the next shiny marble is presented to them.


Blizzard won’t listen to streamers, because the drawback on that would be HUGE. Asmon with 26k viewers pushes for this, meanwhile 200k+ players will rage at Blizzard and perhaps boycott the game. Ye totally worth for blizzard to do that…