Streamer with 26,000 viewers doesn't know AV


Its for marketing. Either you invite 30k ppl, or you invite 2k ppl, but some of them with thousands of viewers to market your game. They won’t listen to them, because again, the drawback is far to big.

Just because no other company has done this (even tho thats a bold statement without proof), doesn’t mean blizzard will pay attention to every Streamers request and do it.

Its simply not worth it, Blizzard knows classic has to succeed or its the end of Wow, becaue classic failing will be the end of it. Everyone hates Bfa, theres less and less people on it everyday. Alot of ppl has no faith in the next expansion. Classic is the one redeeming factor for Blizzard. Also, the ones working for classic are so passionate. Just look at Omar, the god that made this work, took the game home for a week and came back with classic working with the BFA launcher.

The team they have is very passionate for the game to be as it was in 1.12 as it possibly can. Their communication is 100x better than it has been for the past 15 years.


I agree it’s marketing, no one disputes that.
But such a choice creates a commitment to the marketing tool.
And in this case the marketing tool is the streamers fan base.
So we’re back at my original point.

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Hey INFIX … did you accidentally chose the wrong character? Or are you just supporting yourself because nobody else wants to?


Eh, no, it’s my alt, I’ve said it before, Sherlock.

See general discussion: “Come on forum update me” a post from an hour ago


They already said what they will do with the game, they will stay true to it. We know what to expect. They won’t listen to 1 guy with 26k fans, when theres 500k to 1 million players playing.


I hope you’re right, because they did listen to them to teleport or ban a player, because he was annoying them on duels.
And we’re talking about BETA where it’s not even possible to report another player.
The player report option is totally disabled.


It’s a bit of a difference between changing the game and teleporting, not banning, a player away because he acts like a dick.


It’s still a game master intervening. You can’t actually ban a player for a bet test behavior.
Like i said, the player report option is literally disabled on BETA.
There’s no way to report a player.

Whoever game master did it, was watching the stream.


TL;DR: Mommy, they were mean to Asmongold again. Please give me some money so i can refresh my subscription :((


So this streamer didnt somehow manage to get over 100 thousand people watching a 15 year old game?

You must be really stupid to not understand what blizzard wants from inviting popular streamers to play the beta.

Griefing a tournament made by the community is beta test behavior now? Please.


Who says that a tournament with OFF GAME goals,
duel is not sovereign to a player’s progress in WoW,
has to be respected in a game and in a BETA TESTING?

And all that in a PVP game where action against your own fraction
is established to be allowed for decades now because it’s in the boundaries of PVP even against same fraction/race.
Are you for real?


[quote=“Kaizem-silvermoon, post:32, topic:55789”]
You must be really stupid to not understand what blizzard wants from inviting popular streamers to play the beta.

We all know what Blizz tries to do with streamers.
You have to be really stupid to not realize that the criticism has to do with the fact that this marketing choice will harm the game.


I’m sure having tens of thousands of people invested in playing and watching the game everyday will hurt it dude. Look at your guild name, you’re way too invested in hating people who don’t even know you exist. Chill out.


I hate no one, you seem to need to bring strong emotions in some kind of confrontation behavior habit you have.
My guild name is just a humorous way of expressing my legal rights in game.
Then again, when you’re a streamers customers, paying them month by month, you’ll naturally become some kind of hooligan like the football teams fans.


my legal rights in game

lmao you are so delusional. Blizzard can ban you and delete your account for any reason at anytime you have zero rights.

I hope you have just been bait trolling, I find it hard to believe there are people this delusional and out of touch as you. Please go get some fresh air and maybe you might stop being so obsessed with streamers.


I mean he tested more than most streamers. He tested if GMs would intervane in the game without TOS violation. And they did because streamers felt offendet. This shows that in Classic GMs will intervane when streamers ask for it which is different from Vanilla.

This is probably more than Tips Out tested in the Beta unless you count writing bug reports when WoTF doesn’t break fear and Verdan kills you because you are bad at the game as Beta testing.

Relax buddy, discussions about streamer privilege will not take your Asmon emojis away.


Even classic beta has been turned into a lootbox: you pay for a tiny chance to be invited.

No, it’s actually worse:

You work for blizzard by paying them, and the reward for that is in a lootbox.

Sometimes I wish sir Terry Pratchett was still alive to write about something silly like this in one of his books. It would fit in perfectly as a scam in Ankh-Morpork.

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Quite true, cannot believe people would be stupid enough to resub in the hope they get invited to a Beta!

Personally, I got Beta, as I have done since MoP, logged in, walked to old Org, sat on the old rock I used to log out on, and havent gone back.

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