Stress test 19th June US only


According to the US forums blue post, EU players are not invited to the two day stress test from 19-21 June.



im a eu player and the stress test has reappeared on my launcher and ive updated it however the play button is ghosted out which is probably as its not live yet


Another sign Blizzard is treating Europeans as second class players…


I guess someone at Blizzard really despises europeans, or I guess it could just be a miscommunication from their end…


as i said above not sure if thats correct i was in stress test 1 and after the option went away and now its back


I’ve already explained to you why the option has reappeared in your launcher and it’s not to play the stress test. You’re spreading confusion. A blue already posted that the option was added only to allow you to uninstall the beta.

(Saílor) #7

I was in the first one, didn’t reappear for me


Unless the EU and other regions get their own two day stress test this is outrageous.


Thank you Blizzard for clarifying that EU is a piece of crap continent and not worthy of your attention.

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Don’t care about not playing a one-day beta or whatever but it doesn’t exactly bode well for launch stability on the EU servers if they’re not bothering to test here as stringently.

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Its because the americans are lesser players compared to us in the Eu, hence why we give them a headstart on everything so they can practice and keep up with our superior gaming.

Hence why they get patch days a day early aswell.


Yet again.


At this point I’m very close to uninstalling and cancelling everything. I’m so disgusted by the way the full thing, including Collectors Editions, is being mishandled, I don’t think I even want to play anymore.


this cant be true… :rage: blizzard wouldn’t be that stupid, would they? :rofl: :thinking: :sob:


Yesterday, around Sunday noon EU time, one of the streamers commented during a live AV-for-Beta game that there were curiously few people queueing for AV during EU primetime. He concluded that in reality almost nobody from the EU actually got an invite for Beta, compared to the US.

I don’t know who makes these decisions at Blizzard, but this just shows EU gamers are second rate citizens to the decision makers in CA. Again. Guess Blizzard enjoys the bad press and the flames, which will predictably result.

If priority-queue-for-the-streamers-gate was bad, then this … will likely be worse.

This is basically a slap in the face with a bare hand to everybody in the EU from Blizzard. “Go away. Your input is not wanted.:sob:

'aight Blizzard. I hear you. I’m going.

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The blue post that Philyra is referring to about uninstalling the first stress test :slight_smile:


All we can do is write feedback from the client.

For a company that are “try-hards” on being anti-discriminating, this is indeed an interesting choice they’ve made.


It’s absolutely disgusting.


They -might- do an EU only stress test later on.

I think it’s a bit lame not having them test a separate EU server at the same time, but maybe they just want to focus on putting out one server room fire, not two…

Besides, the Stress Test is going to be very limited in what you can do anyway. You’ll probably spend 95% of the time queueing or lagging.


This is not accurate. During the previous tests you could easily log in and play without difficulty after the first few hours. So we are missing out on roughly two days of testing of our own.


Indeed this