Stress test 19th June US only

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It is just a stress test…

Anyways, maybe you guys can read this while you cannot play the stress test:

Have fun!

/peace out

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I bet that there are many people in EU who’re paying subscription to participate in those tests. And I bet that most of those people will just unsubscribe until September rather than paying second subscription. So I have my doubts about your theory.

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I’m also baffled why you care that others care and having to remention it.

I’ve been quite neutral on most topics but this smells like NA bias, nothing new there.
Is it the end if the world? No.
It is annoying however.


Thanks for letting me know. I heard somewhere (Madseasonshow video I think) that everyone with an active sub could play the classic Beta. I was going to resub for thirty days. I guess not! :smiley:


There were 2 stress tests and both took place at the most inconvenient time for Europeans. And now instead of “I’m sorry” we got “we don’t need you” :confounded:

Scammed by Blizzard. I want my money back

It’s notable that this June 19 stress test is a test of launch conditions for one entire region’s hardware. To make this test as helpful as possible we need to focus on only including the people of that region. This single region test allows us to better focus on any existing problems that need to be resolved and is an important pre-requisite to complete before multi-region testing.

In the next stress test, in July, with our single-region test complete, our plan is to test multiple regions under launch conditions, and this will include EU test realms.

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Thank you for the information. This should have been written together with the initial statement tbh to negate the negative reponses from people, including myself.


Aren’t all the beta servers (and stress test servers) located on in the US anyway? What’s the difference this time around from last stress test?

We’re still testing one region’s hardware.


I am super dissapointed that the US and get and not the EU but it is what it is :slight_smile:

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The way I understand it is that they are testing a single regions hardware in launch conditions. Meaning that there wouldn’t be a mix of players from multiple regions as that would not be the case at launch. Realistically it’s probably more software than hardware.

It probably makes all the sense from an engineering perspective. Of course from a customer perspective this only confirms the imbalance since there is no EU only test. So I don’t know if this is that helpful from a PR standpoint :slight_smile:


The stress test is only the first three hours though, the following grace period could have been open to all players.

My guess would be that the next stress test, also including EU, will feature EU beta servers. Otherwise it would be pointless, they need to be setting up the servers in advance of the launch.

The test also being open to Oceanic players could indicate that there might not be separate Oceanic servers…


Can I, as an European peasant, use VPN service to gain access to the stress test?


Thank goodness for the blue post, I almost re subbed for no reason. Great job, roll on classic.


You don’t need a VPN, all you need is an active (subscription) US account ($15).


Why I fear that NA will have a smooth launch and the EU one will be prob like Wod or TBC.

I do understand this is a NA based company but as you do a test only for Na/Oc structure you should do the same for EU and Asia if you want to be ready for release

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Why blizzard couldn’t have communicated this initially is beyond me. Would have saved a lot of comments and makes sense from a production point of view.

From a PR point of view though, does nothing to dispel the long held opinion that they EU are 2nd class players in Blizzards eyes, with the NA region basically having an extra couple of days compared to EU in a beta where the EU has been significantly overlooked.

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Thanks Activulture-Buzzard,
Your lack of communication skills never cease to amuse me, and your
“3rd Class Citizen” “afterthought” approach to your European customers
is a shining example of how to fail dismally at being a global corporation.
Keep up the adequate work.
Best regards etc …


This was kinda expected to do, first of all it’s kinda easier to coordinate regions with same or few hours different zones.
If you were active on forums while first stress test was active most of EU player base was sleeping at that time, few of us that could be considered night owls were present.
Also it’s just the beta, on launch we’ll all be there to play so hold you’re horses.
At least I know that I will xD


This is 2019 not 2004… :sweat_smile:
People from EU play on NA realms and vice versa. I live in Asia and I play on EU realms with a perfectly decent ping.
This doesn’t make sense :confused:


Also my thought would be check wowprogress first 100 guilds how many of them are from us from every patch, kinda works for us to be on 3rd test rather than now. First was just terrible, I was on it and 2 and half hour till you got to character creation screen than unable to create character etc. First hour was 10-14k login que after 3 hours que dropped to 700, and it’s just frustrating to do it. It’s better this way.