Stress test 19th June US only


Probably just miscommunication. The first and second stress test was “US only”, but yet many if not all from EU got in still.


The first two test posts didn’t categorically state that it was only open to a specific region.

(Gixi) #23

Maybe they are setting up EU servers finally considering how the launch is getting closer and closer and absolutely zero testing have been done on them. :thinking:


Just had another thought on just how bad this is:

Even if - and that looks to be a very big if at this point - the EU are let into the last(?) planned stress test in July, then we will still be 5 levels behind the US players for the test. So we will be busy trying to catch up, while the US players start doing 5 man dungeons in earnest at level 20 etc.

Yeah, this is not at all a bad decision… /s


I’m very disappointed. I was ready to buy a month of subscription to be able to participate in the stress-test (well, I payed for 4 levels in the demo, and the price was three times higher than the subscription price, hehe). But Blizzard have already decided they don’t want me to test the game. So be it.


“You do not have to have BFA to participate in this stress test. It’s available to everyone in the region with an active WoW subscription.” Kaivax.

So guess I was wrong.


If they wanted to test properly they would open it to all players not just those with a active sub - just a scam to get extra money before release, let others test and waste their money and time, we can play the fixed game.

(Mandanu) #28

It’s just a ploy to get people to make US/OC starter accounts and pay $15 just for a chance to see the game part way through it’s development.

(Scotchka) #29

People should stop taking this stuff so incredibly personally. These are stress tests. They aren’t for leveling, they aren’t for enjoying the game, they aren’t even for testing the game itself. It’s not beta.

They just select a giant mass of people in the region that requires testing for that particular stress test and that’s all. In this case it’s na and oceanic regions.

(Mandanu) #30

If they give us our own 48 hour stress test, fair enough, if they don’t it’s blatant favouritism and bias towards NA players. If we don’t get EU servers, I won’t be playing. I’m not running around the game world at night when it’s day time here and having scripted events going off eight hours before they should do etc.

(Markovic) #31

Looking forward to coming back to this post and agreeing that you were right when the EU launch goes super smoothly due to all the extensive stress testing that by then will have definitely been done on EU servers / with EU players.


And how exactly do you think they plan on stress testing the EU servers when they have no servers based in the EU and only a handful of players?

People aren’t bringing this up because they aren’t in the beta. They’re bringing it up because come launch the EU servers will potentially be an absolute shat show without the same stringent testing thats happening for the US based customers.

(Scotchka) #33

Nothing to do with favouritism and bias at all, these are just tests they need to do before release. They’re not going to include regions they don’t want to test during this particualar test. That would be pointless.

If eu needs one, we’ll get one. If we don’t get one, and on launch our servers are demonstrably worse than the na servers, you’ll have a point.

So far though I just see a lot of people being butthurt that they didn’t get invited to an na/oceanic stress test. The reason why eu people need to be in that test is beyond me.

(Trajan) #34

There is no need to test the software on multiple regions as it will simply be copied over. So this could be a test focused on software. Of course it will be concerning if hardware and connections aren’t tested at all in Europe.

Now this doesn’t excuse the fact that the focus always seems to be in the Americas. That I think is undeniable even if this case isn’t a reason to worry about the quality of EU servers.

(Mandanu) #35

As of December 2018, NA/OC had 2m more active characters (not accounts) on their realms than the EU - and that included Brazil and other countries into the US/OC region.

How exactly do you justify NOT testing any EU realms before launch if the playerbase, at least for BfA, was almost identical?


Yes, it’s cool story! Blizzard We love You!

(Scotchka) #37

Oh I didn’t know launch is the day after june 19th!

There is plenty of time to test eu servers before launch.


t. nosource


Yea my sub ran out and I’m not reactivating for this.

It is very poor service indeed that 8.2 still isn’t out, and indeed it may not be until the week after next given how there’s only the RC but no announcement.

Why wouldn’t they want people who have inactive accounts to stress test a beta? I mean I can log in to the 8.2 beta with no sub. It must be pure paid demo hype.


At some point one wonders if they’re aware they have customers in Europe