Stuck at pending character transfer forever

Finally had US customer support clear my mailbox, paid for my character transfer for Buddybear on Giantstalker to move to Ashbringer…I’ve been stuck at pending forever and I don’t even have the processing gear next to my character and i’m starting to wonder if something happened?

Payments can take up to 24h to process Buddy, I’m glad you’re on the way!

Hey Buddybear,

Hopefully just the delay Saneko mentioned and you’ve arrived successfully by now!

Otherwise if you need to check up on the order you can find more info here:


I still have this problem - but i wait 24 hours or until the Payment reads complete, and nothing happens, i open ticket and Blizz acknowledge the char transfer has failed and refund me. Cycle keeps repeating. No answers yet. Please let me know if you resolved your problem. I have completely lost faith in this company.