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Hey lads and lasses,

This is gonna be a bit of a wall of text and mostly based on personal experience so please take what i say with a pinch of salt.

I’ve been thinking for a while on this and was wondering if others felt a bit like I do when it comes to WoW these days, if playing the game has you come back to certain parts of it and maybe prefer them over the current activities.

I’ve played the early days of vanilla and enjoyed WoW back then from dungeons , to roleplay , pvp and raiding back then. I took a hiatus when the MoP beta hit and the last few people i knew quit WoW and came back roughly mid-legion when enough time had passed for me to get that sense of discovery again to keep my curiosity and interest and have played since.

I’ve had great fun since leveling characters on a new server, exploring all the new dungeons and zones, going for transmog runs in raids i never got to see the inside of before and getting to know the features that formed the core of each expansion ive missed. Due to playing through especially draenor when legion was already out i never experienced that situation of being stuck to the garrison and therefore never really ended up disliking it as I wasnt confined to it for as long as others to name one of the things.

Now we’re in bfa, ive pushed several characters to 120 when it released did a couple dungeons, island expeditions , pvp matches and did my first mythic dungeon actually with siege of boralus which was quite a thrill.
8.1 and 8.15 hit now and I havent really kept up with gearing much still being stuck at a low 300~ as i divided my playtime across to many characters and here comes the point i struggle with a bit and would like to ask about:

Older content for me turned out more interesting than newer. It felt often more easily accessable. Ive had great fun doing something like catching up on order hall campaigns and the like and whilst i have a great interest in the current bfa campaign for its story its gated behind rep. Warfronts which i wanted to try being gated behind ilevel and pvp in legion awarded pretty decent equipment that could even war or titanforge which kept me playing which bfa for all i know doesnt do.

Is anyone else having that same issue of leaning towards older content rather than pushing through the newer to keep up with whats probably the main pack of players and what would you suggest for someone that does need to catch up not to feel left behind in a way?

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Keep on doing what you’re doing. As your ilevel increases, so does the rewards you get from WQs.
Also keep doing random normal/heroic dungeons as loot from those boost your ilevel quite abit, making you eligible for LFR.

Also, it sound like you’re slowly starting to suffer from burnout. Especially if you keep doing the same content on multiple chars daily.
That could be a reason you’ve gotten a newfound interest for older content?


Cheers for the reply and what you said could be quite true.
So far i’ve always been able to avoid all kinds of repgrinding really and just played more casually, raiding in vanilla and bc excluded. So repetition hasnt been much of an issue.
Exploration has always been a major fun factor for me and being able to set clear and simple goals like saying , id like to farm x mount or set and being able to do so fairly easily.
As for catching up with gear i guess more WQ’s , normal dungeons seem to drop up to 340 from what i read and maybe at least getting 1 bg win on every char for the first win of the day chest might do the trick for starters.


I like desert areas of the game. They remind me of Indiana John’s movie.


There is only so much you can do in a week unless you get a guild or something that boosts you through content that is way above your actual ilvl.
I mean really. You do your dailies, the weekly challenge, the weekly elite, the warfronts and that slowly in a time gated fashion will increase your ilvl to a point where you can actually do something, like for instance being invited to any form of m+

So to answer your question: Ofc you will levitate towards older content.
There is literally nothing to do in bfa after you did your weekly stuff.

And in other aspects: The holy trinity of the LFG tool - Flying - server sharding has destroyed every form of social interaction this game has ever had. You do your content beside randomly phasing in and out bots whom you will never see again in your life.
Hell, people who try to talk nowdays are actually looked down on cause “if you want to talk go to goldshire or smthing, we are here to do content.”

WoW will die to its own developers and their bs ideas of streamlining the game out of the game.
Soon the game will play itself instead of you. I bet it will be so popular it will attract 12 million people just like wotlk did… right…

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This is my second expansion where I’ve played end game for most of the time and I’m feeling the burn out a lot. During Legion I blamed it on the stress of having to farm the skins, when we still thought those were for Legion only. But now I’m exactly on the same spot without having gone through something similar.

I think it’s just the routine of the end game that is a kill joy for me. I have no desire to chase gear, which is not surprising for me, but I also don’t feel like getting the transmog and the pets, which are usually my main motivators.

Leveling characters is always fun for me. I make a story, get to see different zones every day, progression happens faster with new spells coming in, and I still have transmog to collect. End game is just the same zones, the same quests, the same instances over and over again.

Old zones also have the advantage of no gear pressure, not having to keep up with a number to do something you like, so you can hop characters a lot, instead of being restricted to just a couple of them. That is a big deal for me, because I like to play several different characters.


Yes true but Zuldazar reminds me of it aswel :grinning:.

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