Stupid "kill it in 5 sec or deplete" mechanics

SO we have 3 dungeons right here: brackenhide hollow, uldaman, vortex pinnacle. Guess what’s in common for them? That’s right: these stupid spheres/totems that you HAVE TO kill in a very short time, otherwise you just wipe. I just had a very clean +23 BH run, we had 6+ minutes on timer when we got to the last boss, around 440 average ilvl. And we just couldn’t kill the totem in time and died. The reason for that is simple: we had only one rogue, not 3 of them. Some classes (I believe most of them) just can’t deliever immediate high damage on target, they just don’t work this way. For example, I played unholy dk last season as main and dk just physically can’t do that (unless you have all your army/apoc/frenzy/potion etc up BEFORE the totem/sphere, which happens once in a while). This class (like many others) requires some setup or deals damage over time, you just can’t go and press the hunt or eye beam to do big dam in 1 sec. This mechanic just forces keyholders to take very specific classes+specs that can do insane amount of damage in a very short time. Otherwise you just can’t pass the dungeon, not any chance. I know that blizzard don’t care about m+ (as well as pvp), but I just wanted to give feedback on this stupid season.

Just FYI damage done to the totems:
Rogue 4.4M
Destro WL 3.8M
SP 2.3M
Healer sham 1.4M
Prot pally 1.4M

Still not even close to reliable kill


Totally agree. It feels like, you need for some Boss a specific Setup to be able to kill it and if something goes in a wrong direction you cant heal through it.

For example, i remember BH last week 20 last boss, where we had trouble to kill the Totems because of the Setup - if you have even 1 Dot on the Group running, you cant f up as Healer or its done.

try again with ilvl 460 in 8 month kek


Priest didn’t use totem build it’s that simple…

totem is impossible if you got dot or pet heavy classes (except bm hunter) at same time… all dps has to do direct damage… wonderful mechanic

Please don’t say that right after saying you are doing 23’s+ because I thought people doing high keys use their brain, not only memorising some mechanics.
M+ and raiding are the top 2 in game activities that carry WoW at the moment, by far. Blizzard will ignore all else before they ignore these two.

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