Sub rogues damage in pvp


With all dps talents - “find weakness”, “nightstalker”, “dark shadow”, versatility trinket (about 10% dps when used), symbols of death, nightblade on the target, stats priority on mastery, crit, versatility… In PvP I do 6k damage on plate target with Shadowstrike, 17k crit with Eviscerate, 2900 with Backstab, 2300 with autoattacks.
Subtlety spec is completely broken and I hope Blizzard will fix it.

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Its weird, funny yet sad all at the same time for the first time seeing Sub rogue hit like a pee shooter. given how I always remember it used to be sub used to sim for highest damage and just be out right superior in PVP (most of the time.)


It’s not funny at all, really wished I could dish out some more damage

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There is nothing to fix tbh. If you screw up your burst you can only vanish and get the hell out of there until CDs are up again.


Our threatening burst

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It’s underrated but it is not terrible if you have the right traits: 1 TFD (mandatory) and as many BF/BP as possible (usually 2 is max available)


IMHO it IS terrible. I’ve tried all kinds of traits and my average 5pt Evis is 13-14k. I get excited when I see a crit for 19-20k.

Meanwhile I’m getting hit for 25-60k by just about every other class out there.

The damage of Evis needs to be buffed significantly and we need to be allowed to crit again in PvP.

Removing Phantom Assassin completely, with zero explanation (when sub was already poor in PvP) was disgusting and should have at least been communicated to rogue with SOME sort of reasoning.

Saying that we will scale well in 8.3 isn’t good enough either…

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Honestly people, you do something very wrong. I crit for 50k average with eviscerate!!!
If only Blizzard let me include screenshot links… I would show it to you

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lmao ok :slight_smile:


I think u miss the topic, ppl here talk bout pvp arena, Just look at ur talents when entering one - all good ones scaling a lot down for example first tier find weakness from 40% armor penetrate to 20? I Dont remember exactly but making it worthless. Same rest Best picks from other tiers. I was 3x tfd azerite in 8.1 and after short Shadow blade duration u became useless stun bot supportin ur team mate. And with healer 2v2 is like a nightmare. I change to assa after long tryhard as sub and must say that: my God how op it is, Just melt people compare to sub with no effort, any mistakes wont punish u that heavy. And i saw 60 k crits in pve not pvp if i remember correctly, in arena it was half of it - only when u do all in burst not average. Sub rogue need some love at the moment, it is not the same ligue as other rogue specs


I am sorry mate but this topic is created with the intention to talk about subletly on it’s PvP (player vs player) state.

Yes you’re right. We can crit for 60k in PvE content. But for PvP we’re not cutting it. I just checked and you haven’t even entered a arena so far on your rogue


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I completely agree with your screenshots.

On topic: Yes, sub rogue needs some love in both pvp and pve.


Not in PvP you don’t.

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