<Subject To Change> MC-Ony-BWL cleared

Subject To Change

Subject to Change is a guild that makes it work.
Since the start of classic we have proved to be able to grow and adjust.
We look for those that see it as we see it, we build and prepare for the raiding to come with enough love for the game to show up and preform.
Make it work, form bonds with likeminded players who love the dream of a vanilla/tbc style guild without the lack of understanding what’s to come

_The guild has been formed out of WoW loving veterans and like-minded players. We worked our together to accomplish our goals on this server with success. This resulted in building a guild with a focus on its members with a common interrest and players that want to participate in the improvement of the guild.

We are currently recruiting:


  • Restoration Shaman (Healer)
  • Fury Warrior (Dps)

All Classes are open for recruitment again due to our newly formed raid group 2.


No matter the class, if you think your the right fit for our guild, we will always consider the application.

We have a positive and welcoming attitude towards new players who are willing to raid with us. Though we will have spots in the upcoming split raids, raid filling or off runs to when it is possible, we tend to keep you involved and get you some well wanted gear as well.

Our goal
A guild with solid raids, ranks, and preparing for Naxxramas. To have a progressing mindset about the game. This means we care about our raids, guild image and PvP performance.

About us
We aren’t a full time WoW guild to accomplish our goals. Most of us are adults but we have members from a wide range of age. Our core member are Dutch, Swedish, Finnish but this already grew to many more nationalities.

We currently farm MC and Onyxia split (15 man) on Wednesdays,
Raiding hours:
Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 & Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 and Sunday!
Sunday is a slightly less pressure on performance raid group two.

Yes we are the kind of guild that will be hyped enough to go into the next raid or extending the raid time but we also respect our raiding hours and guard the goal of clearing our raids clean and fast. We like the game enough to get some alts to max level and use a bit of split raiding in the farming seasons.

What do we expect of our raiders
We think Classic WoW is a lot about coming to raids and we expect you to be prepared to raid. This means (world) buffs and be able to have a steady performance. This will help us to create a strong performing guild.

Guild Structure
We offer a Classic oldschool guild approach of guild and game, with caring officers and class leaders to help you grow. The main focus will be the best improvement for the raid group. The class leaders and officers will respect the raiders and the loot council will be decide who the right person is for the new loot. Our loot council always involves down to a raider once there is doubt regarding an item and always brings in one member at random out of the group.

Are you interrested? Get in contact!

Ingame: Summerkarma
Discord: DarkDusT#9338
Ingame: Snowbunny
Discord: Snowbunny#8301


free hugs and cookies


lf more active pvp players also


best guild eu


Come join the fun


nice raids, lots of free loot for everyone!


We like turtles!


Solid pressence on Shazzrah realm, efficient clearing and plenty of banter!

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Nice commited players to play with made some new friends real quick.

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Amazing guild and great ppl from all around europe. Fast and clean runs and fair management is what i can say about this guild. Dedication and fun combined :slight_smile:

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After a guild merge with Subject To Change, I have found a lot of new friends. I get along with everyone in the guild and I love it here. We have smooth runs with a great atmosphere.

Before joining StC I was having a hard time enjoying the game as I was in a smaller guild and had to PUG a lot of stuff which often ended in a mess due to people not being prepared. Now I enjoy playing, chilling with the guildies and just messing around on off days and while on raid days we are serious, we still have fun trying to improve ourself as a guild.

Lots of respect to every single one of the members of Subject To Change.

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It is an awesome guild. It is a friendly guild. It is a serious raiding guild.
The guild leader and his officers work very hard to motivate and help.
Coublick even got his own public channel #thunderbluff-posts on the Subject to Change’s Discord server to share his adventures.

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Committed guild, serious and efficient raiding with clean runs and improvement every week. I joined in the early January, living proof that working hard will give you credit.

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Our guild merged with Subject January, as we struggled to fill up our raids.
The Subject gang took us in on good terms, and I’ve felt welcome.
Effective and smoothe raiding + people online and activity also outside raids!
Thumbs up! :slight_smile:

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When joining, I was afraid of going “hardcore” because we get all world buffs and use elixirs (which cost gold).

After the raid (which we zerg through, so I have more family time), I usually end up with more gold as a clothy because we hardly wipe and we 1-shot it all.

I don’t farm, I just raid.

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This was my exact same worry too.

It’s actually worked much better than expected and really enjoying my time with this guild.

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to make the most out of their classic wow experience.

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Great banter.

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