Subscription Fee is a joke now


Some people have history and go on and on . I have learnt not bother with them . Life becomes easy .you should do the same :hugs:


oh No I’ve been insulted, what can I do? Ah yes know I’m correct and leave you in you’re deluded state of mind!

Btw how much is white powder, you may need some.


Ah you know when the personal insults arrive it’s time to laugh and let them get i with it tbh.

(Mukuro) #249

How much do you pay for the entertainment you get? That’s basically the idea.

Likely, the Humble Bundle games would provide far less entertainment hours than WoW, so although they might have comparable price, they would actually provide less value.

(Jito) #250

Recognize that it’s more logical to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges? I.e. games to games and not games to cinemas or other random things?

Sigh…Why do I even bother? :expressionless:


Yes please give up, you’re getting boring now, and still refuse to see that the examples given are both forms of entertainment, but hey if you can’t see that, then who am I to try to educate you.


Ok one last attempt because apparently, I’m a moron (which btw is Welsh for Carrot)

I pay £45 for BfA which is updated through a two year cycle, or do I buy CoD, at £50, which I could complete in a week?

There does that help you?

(Jito) #253

That’s because “forms of entertainment” is a very broad term that you can put litterally anyting into. I thought I illustrated that already.

But CoD is also an insanely expensive game (probably because it’s also an Activision Blizzard game!).

(Mukuro) #254

“Insanely expensive” compare to what exactly? Isn’t that basically the standard full price for a AAA title?


Wouldn’t bother tbh


depends entirely on the quality of the film…:slight_smile:


Lol definitely WoW then these days because apparently Cinema is dying, go figure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jito) #258

Yeah, for a full game. But CoD doesn’t give you the full game for €60. It gives you the Standard Edition. Then there’s still the Digital Deluxe and the Enhanced versions. And you’re not really getting around that Black Ops Pass one way or the other, because that’s where the extra zombie stuff is.

Regardless, I have to fuzz off for a while. I’ll just wrap my point up in a logical manner.

When a WoW expansion is released the subscriber numbers sky-rocket.
So clearly WoW is an interesting and appealing game to lots of people.
But after a month or two a lot of people unsubscribe from the game again.
Why is that? If WoW is a good game and it’s good value for money, then surely all the people who bought the expansion would continue being subscribed, wouldn’t they?
I see two explanations: Either WoW doesn’t provide enough content relative to the subscription cost, or it does provide great content but the subscription cost is too high.
I find it illogical to say that WoW is great value for money, yet half the playerbase unsubscribes after 1-2 months. That doesn’t appear like a game that’s viewed as great value for money. People would stick around if it was. But they don’t.

(Punyelf) #259

That is my issue, it may be what some consider more value for money but when it doesn’t have anything that appeals to you, it just becomes a waste of money.

(Raiden) #260

and i supposed you are gonna pay the salary of all the people working at Blizzard and around the world…?? :rofl::joy:


Easy enough to say that you have 10 games or whatever for that price, but what use are they if they just sit on your hard drive!


i don’t care how much money mr kaotic has, or even what the value of money is, that’s always going to be a personal matter, the important thing is how much of that sub money is being invested in the game…seems to be a few people here missing that point…:slight_smile:


The thing is tho, if the subscription is removed, then you’d know nothing will be put back into the game, which is why it’s the best option

(Punyelf) #264

Yeah stuff taking up space on my hard drive for no reason doesn’t sound good.


I stick all mine on an external HD