Subscription Fee is a joke now


so true, need more memory, not less stuff…:smiley:

(Mukuro) #267

Most AAA games nowadays have “deluxe” versions at premium price: whether they are worth the extra money depends.

I’m unsure from which source you get the subscription numbers, but them being somewhat “seasonal” depending on what gets released is pretty normal. Furthermore, stopping playing happens with non-subscription games too, and I have a few games in my collection which I paid full price only to get bored or disappointed after a short while.

Even for “standard” games the vast majority of sales are made within 6 months from release and then interest dwindles. In most cases you get far less played hours out of them compared to WoW for the money paid.

I mean, if I look at my library a “good” AAA game is about 60-80 played hours, few “great” games clock into the hundreds. If I compare that with WoW even factoring in the subscription costs, WoW is still a very good deal.


No, price is fine… for 10€ I can see one movie in cinema… so its 10€ for 2 hours… or I can play 30 days without limits WoW for the same price.
I think, game would be in worse state without subscription.


well how about i challenge the naysayers then with a game very similar to WoW.

Go and install a game called RIFT which abandoned its sub model and play it so that you can really feel the difference between a game with a sub and one without.

RIFT is a game that was around in some of the mid days of WoW and chose to follow more vanilla WoW path of doing things but utilises the F2P system now. Logically because of being closer to vanilla WoW it should be more popular yet it is not even close.

(Mukuro) #270

Rift Prime is subscription-based though.

(Punyelf) #271

RIFT has given up it’s PATRON subscription now?

(Mukuro) #272

AFAIK, Rift is f2p, but Rift Prime is subscription-based.

(Punyelf) #273

I’ve not played it in years but I remember when it offered a F2P option as well as having a sub. I’ve not really kept up with it in recent years.

They had a token game time system too. No idea if any of that is still going.

(Dreamkore) #274

WoW would benefit greatly from having the sub removed and only having to buy the expac.

(Abazul) #275

for example LoL is free2play. Has had a decent support when I needed it and provides constant updates and patches. In fact it focusses on the most important part of a game. The gameplay and the abilities you are using. Compare that to this game, which lets you pay money every month to never care again about the quality of classes and gameplay

(Punyelf) #276

I don’t really think you can compare a Moba to an MMO. You could compare HoTs to it but not this.


I believe it still uses the cash shop however for bag space and mounts etc. It kinda defeats the point in it all.

(Mukuro) #278

Well, f2p games still need to make money somehow, only they implement a different revenue model compared to upfront purchase/subscription.

That’s why I’m not sure a f2p model would be a good thing for WoW: it would mean for micro-transactions to be pushed far above and beyond what’s currently in the game.

(Odeone) #279

Dissecting someones thread does not make it any less valid.
I still stand on my argument, not all find the subscription inexpensive.

You can also get a netflix subscription for the same prize.


How? Explain how it would be better?

Also what would you have in place?

(Dreamkore) #281

People would feel as if they got more content for their money.
BFA feels content dry for 60$ + 10$x8, but BFA content for only the initial 60$? Thats pretty good value for your money
There would be less of a backlash for lack of content if the sub was removed and even more of a praise if the content was there


And where will that content come from if they aren’t been supported by the subs?

No new content for the duration of the expansion?

(Dreamkore) #283

The sub is only really there to pad the other stuff Blizzard has going for them.
You really believe 100% of sub money goes back into content development?
I’d be surprised if 5% of sub revenue ends up being turned into gameplay, the initial sales of the expac are used for the actual game, but the sub money goes into so much else.
In the past sub money from WoW probably got sourced out to fund projects like Diablo, Hearthstone, and Overwatch when WoW was at its peak.

(Jito) #284

But the revenue for World of Warcraft has been at a constant record high for years, despite the decreasing subscriber numbers. That implies that the revenue for WoW is increasingly shifting toward microtransactions and paid services.
WoW Tokens, online store mounts, character level boost, and so on. That’s WoW’s primary source of revenue right now. It’s not the subscription.


You are talking to jito here, but I’d like to clarify that I don’t have a sub at humblebundle, because the great thing is you can also just buy whatever you like without the sub. Not too long ago I paid… a whole €3,20 and that gave me 6 handpicked games. I usually put them in my wishlist on steam and wait for sales on either site.

Since I stopped wow a while ago I keep the €13 a month as a kind of ‘check’ that I don’t buy too many games, but so far in total I’m well below that kind of money and I haven’t been bored one sec not playing wow.

The problem isn’t the sub, though. It’s the content (and the shop on top of a sub). I don’t mind there being a sub at all, it’s just that there isn’t enough in wow to justify it to spend that kind of money on.

You can of course have a different opinion, that doesn’t negate that this is mine.

edit: I really hope beëlzebob kotick learns to treat his employees right or I’m going to have to skip on classic as well.