Subscription Fee is a joke now

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Buying tokens to get gold is waste of money imo and black marked gold buy is “illegal” but you get more :stuck_out_tongue:

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But clearly a lot of people think it is worth their money, because there are always WoW Tokens for sale on the Auction House. Hence why I say that WoW is steering its business model toward catering to the whales and not the general gaming audience.

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there are milions gladly paying sub this is that reason too for some if OP does not like it no one force him play /pay if he do not like this thread is just …

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I have 0 issue with it since i do not feel i lost something just because someone buys tokens i only get theri token and i can buy game time/pets/toys/mounts etc for me and someone else…
it does not hurt me it only gave people reason to make gold etc.


Many people believes that games that cost nothing to play on are cheaper to play than sub based games.
Sure they are if they are willing to strip their experience from about 50% of content.
People playing the same game for 3 years spend more money on free to play game than OP even had spend on WoW.

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Everyone spent money op just made thread for likes this is pointless even thinking it will change…
I spent more than OP long time ago guess what i made decision and i did it op seems like dumb who ???Like do not like to do not pay what is hard ??

(Jito) #373

Of course you have zero issue with it. I also frequently buy a WoW Token for gold to pay my subscription or to get a mount from the Online Store, because it saves me money.

But that doesn’t detract from the fact that this business model doesn’t add value to the game. It relies on the knowledge that the guy who bought the WoW Token for €20 and sold it for 170k gold isn’t going to quit WoW – that he’s a whale. And so long as the whales stick around, it’s not important for Blizzard to release content patches very frequently, because their main source of income isn’t a surge of new subscribers, it’s the whales who continue to buy WoW Tokens and level boosts and so on.

As players we would be better off if Blizzard emphasized the value of the monthly subscription – because that means getting more frequent content patches to keep us subscribed. But instead they’re emphasizing the microtransactions and paid services, because the whales are eager to spend their money on that. But it doesn’t add value to the game.

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IT does it gave people reason to make gold to do XYZ to make boost runs farm things indirectly tokens added value imo you cant sell tokens to no one.
It makes healthier economy can not imagine prices without tokens and money sinks already.
People do everything for gold from pvp to pve .And everything consumes gold.
Btw they are employing 20% more devs for wow already so…

(Jito) #375

But that’s engineered by Blizzard! C’mon, surely you can see that.

Blizzard have increased the gold sinks in the game, because they know that if someone wants the 5 million gold dinosaur mount, then being able to buy a WoW Token for €20 and sell it for 170k gold is a more lucrative offer.

Every expansion Blizzard adds more cool and awesome things to the game that you can buy with gold, because that makes the WoW Token a more appealing purchase, because gold is more valuable.

It’s the same with all the other things. Take the recent Allied Races – Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran Humans. The Allied Race feature makes the Race Change and Level Boost services more lucrative.

Blizzard designs the game increasingly around the knowledge that players will pay extra for various microtransactions or paid services, because they appear lucrative. That is in sharp contrast to the early days of WoW where you didn’t really have the ability to spend extra money on WoW, because everything was included in the subscription cost.

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I do not think it is like that
5 m mount is 588 EURO if you do that for tokens allied races you can use same argument on everything at lvl cap btw on EVERYTHING.
Race change were years before Allied races boost too so what you said is ?? not like both services started existed because of Allied races.

I see your point but to me it is dumb af if someone does it everything what requires gold nowdays makes people do things from pvp to pve everything can make and spend gold.

You can buy theoretically everything in wow for gold if you have enough gold not just these things and you could buy gold before tokens illegally so ??

(Jito) #377

Then you are rather ignorant if you cannot see that Blizzard are creating the demand by introducing content and features that synergize with their own microtransactions and paid services.

Yes! Exactly! Gold is valuable, and when Blizzard makes it more valuable, then they also make the WoW Token more valuable. And it’s the same with the Allied Races. They make the Race Change and Level Boost paid services more valuable.
And if it’s more valuable, then people are more likely to pay for it. And they are! That’s why Blizzard’s revenue for WoW has increased despite the subscriber numbers going down – people who play WoW spend more money on microtransactions and paid services! That’s what Blizzard are emphasizing. They’re not emphasizing the value of the monthly subscription, because we’re not exactly being flooded with content patches.

It’s a smart business move, and Blizzard are profiting a lot from it. But it comes at the expense of emphasizing free content updates in an effort to maintain as many subscribers as possible. Blizzard are more focused on maintaining the few whales who spend a lot of money on WoW, not on keeping average Joe around who only spends €10 each month.

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I disagree that the subscription fee is some sort of ‘joke’. But I would indeed like to see them make the price more worthwhile to consumers. It can feel a little iffy to continually pay £10 a month and they then continue to bring out store mounts, toys and more. This can wear on players and I think having all that stuff in game and purely ingame would be a big net benefit to the actual quality of this product.

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You are ignorant too since you clearly ignored these services existed YEARS before,you ignore whole BFA story so far/from legion everything was about it content and features ? Like new races you unlock by playing and doing story with them not like you see someone and 2nd day they join your HORDE.
And of course there was demand for gold since 2004 now people can get it from blizz instead of 3rd party.

By your point every race already synergize with services guess why they exist sure service which makes sense of course exist no idea who would paid 25 euro service in wow to get skin in fortnite makes 0 sense.
People make demand.

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i agree what you said not like i can change it i can make gold and buy it for gold instead if i want these mounts not much difference to me since you can buy everything for gold.


The Plproblem I see, ist that You try top Claim that the dwindling subscriber numbers Support Your Arguments.
They dont.
Player Landscape changed ober the years.
Quake, StarCraft, wow, cstrike suffered from it, nur for some reason a few people think they whats wrong anderen how to fix it.
They dont

Why do you play it then, If its not worth your time.

I really dont Care about that.
Im trying to have fun. Sure sometimes its Boeing anderen annoying, but I paused a few times sometimes for years, and i CAME Back at the endlich of WoD, and I am enjoying WOW ever since


Hardly anyone is buying the tokens hence the price going from all time high 450k down to 170k now.

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No. Blizzard makes the demand, because they are the ones who design the game. They can design it around a demand – lets say gold – or they can choose not to.

Take Diablo III.

Originally it had a real money auction house. Gold was difficult to earn in the game, but it was valuable since you could spend it on powerful items that other players sold on the real money auction house.
The demand for gold and powerful items was created by Blizzard, because they designed the game so gold was difficult to earn and powerful items were rare to find.

Then they changed the design.
The removed the real money auction house and made gold more easy to earn and powerful items more common to find.
That’s the Diablo III we have today.

It’s Blizzard who creates the demand in the game and the economy, because it’s their design that dictates what players need and want.


No they dont not in wow if your talking about tokens atm from how they were and the AH .
Only way the can effect it is by mission tables or making bigger quests rewards.
Else its down to players on the server how the ecomny is.
For example big servers are really cheap because players know if the put up items for high prices they get laughed at and will not sale like the current engineer mount.
AD 145k
Dead itilian realm 500k .

If you are a true wow supporter you would be dead agaisnt free to play in any shape or form and what troubles come with it.

(Jito) #385

Oh, my personal wish is not for WoW to be free-to-play, but for the subscription to have more inherent value.
I quite like WoW’s subscription model, but I don’t think it adds enough value for the €10 it costs, evident by the fact that people seem to be unsubscribing from WoW quite steadily.


That is simple supply and demand. The prices of the tokens spike whenever a new game is made available for purchase on the Blizzard launcher as people want to buy it via exchanging tokens. Simple economics. Doesn’t mean nobody is buying tokens now for real money, in fact, if they weren’t, you wouldn’t be buying your game time with gold. The price for tokens in the EU region historically has always been higher than the US.

I quite agree with Jito and his logic, but yeah, sheep will be sheep. Actiblizzard’s shareholders thank you for your blissful ignorance.