Subscription Fee is a joke now


So you need to insult me to get a view across ok reported.

Also the amount of gold you get has been dropping for a while as there is no point buying for so little gold.

If you cant debate without insulting please remove yourself from the thread.


I don’t see anything there that would come anywhere near being an insult and what I’ve read from your responses towards other people in some of your replies, I don’t think you’re one to talk. I recall reporting several of your posts earlier today as you were flat-out attacking people, so have a lovely day or night, depending where you live.

Seems you can’t even refer to simple rules of economics and the blind masses without stepping on somebody’s toes now…


Funny as its the first time ive posted for the majority of the day /night and you can check that easily .

Calling people sheep and ignorant for not shareing your views is wrong simple as that.

Also accusing me of attacking people when you can check my post history and see ive only been about last 2 to 3 hours .

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But clearly people are buying WoW Tokens despite only getting 170k gold for them.
If people weren’t buying them, then I wouldn’t be able to get them for 170k gold on the Auction House. But I am.


You always skip the point they are not being bought as much now as they were when going for 450k thats all im saying i cant see how you can deny that.

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Hmm. I’m not sure that’s the conclusion you can draw. Like Rivanon says, it’s just supply and demand.

If there are lots of people who buy the WoW Token, then the gold price decreases, because the supply is higher than the demand. So that’s the opposite of what you’re saying.

If there are fewer people who spend gold buying the WoW Token on the Auction House, then the gold price also decreases, because the supple is higher than the demand.

If there’s more gold in the economy in general, like in WoD and Legion, then people can more easily afford a WoW token for 170k gold. That increases the demand, so the price goes up – hence why it was near 450k gold in the past. That reflected the amount of gold in the economy.

And as Rivanon said, if there’s a new mount on the Online Store, or a new game available on, then that also increases the demand, so the price goes up.

So it’s not so straight forward as you make it out to be.


Did i deny that and you please politely stop putting words into my mouth .

Would you buy gold now for £17 for 175k ? Its just not worth it.
Its good for people payeing for there subs with gold.
Also anything that other poster has said is moot to me .
Accuseing me of things i havent .
Also insulting me twice and then tells me he/she has been reporting me all day when i havent even been on so yeah that poster means nothing to me as there view is toxic and un needed .


Calling people sheep and blissfully ignorant isn’t insulting, it’s a general truth which counts for me as much as for any other human being. Just ask institutions like the various large religions on this planet, they’ve been making good use of it for several thousand years.

Also, I never said when you made the posts, I just ran into a few today which I would count as being slanderous, if not direct attacks on individuals and reported them as such.


Not hard to make 150k gold a month


You post is slanderous ive only been posting 24 hours total so please stop the personal attacks and focus on the thread .
You can easily see my post history its not hidden i joined the forum 3 days ago and started posting 24 hours ago .
If you carry on with personal insults i will place a ticket in for harrasement and you taking the thread off topic.
I have asked you nicely to stop please do so ty.

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But for some people it clearly is worth it. The constant availability of WoW Tokens on the Auction House means that people are actually buying them, even if they’re only worth 175k gold.


Im not going to get into a argument with you about this i am allowed a view which is they are slower moving due to lots of reasons .
Ive no idea why you feel the need to row with every single poster and try to belittle there views in some kind of “im right your wrong” way .
Its like you got to have the final word.
Only thing we agree on is not removing the sub .


Again, I see no personal insults, just facts, but I’ve just been through a good chunk of your post history and can see you won’t let go of the bone if you disagree with somebody’s opinion.

On the upside, you have on the rare occasion actually been nice towards people and that also deserves merit.

On that note, good night, hope you get out of bed on the other side today.

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I fail to understand what argument we’re having, or how I’m not allowing your view, or how I’m having a “row with every single poster”.
We’re having a discussion about WoW’s subscription, which has focused a bit around the WoW Token and other microtransactions in the latest replies. In that regard you brought up a point about the cost and demand for the WoW Token which was a point worth discussing, because in my opinion it’s not as straight-forward as you make it out to be. It’s a bit more nuanced. That’s not me saying you’re wrong or not allowed your opinion – it’s just me commentating on a point you brought up in a discussion.

If you get offended by this short conversation, then I don’t know what to say. I think I’ve responded very respectfully to what you’ve written and haven’t in any way, shape or form tried to belittle or diminish you or anything you’ve said.

But if you are offended by what I’ve said, then my sincerest apologies, it was not my intention to write anything that made you feel that way. I consider this to be a normal, respectful forum conversation.

On the flipside, I am also a bit offended that by simply writing a genuine response to a point you bring up, you accuse me of various negative traits when I have said nothing about you but merely responded to what you’ve written.

I think we’re better off if we cease replying to each other. Have a nice night.

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Wel after reading all the replys it seems to me half of the players think the game is a rip off and the other half think that removing the sub fee would make the game even worse so they would rather pay it.

My opinion is WOW has been put on tick over
blizzard will milk it for as long as they can with minimum investment there are some people who will play this game for the next 25 years if they can regardless of the quality because they have invested so much time it they can`t let go.

The games need a CATA like revamp which seems unlikey or a sequal
its old massivly bloated 95% is dead content the whole lot can be dumpped on a vanilla server.

Id like to see an involving world rather than the pointless leveling and repeative end game.

Id like to think Blizzard have set a side a few hundred million to build a MMO worthy of the playerbase but i expect its all gone to share holders aka hookers and blow :frowning:

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People seem to be confusing the cash shop with other F2P MMO shops, whereas those offer things like XP boosts, or gear, the WOW version offers nothing like that.
‘But the WOW Token’
is there for people to make a little extra gold (and considering the price of mounts these days, its not enough by a LONG shot), the point is if people choose to buy boosts with this gold, then, so what? (FYI I nave have) but even with a bought boost there is no guarantee of good gear drops. Oh yay, they got an achievement… and?

As for the other stuff in the shop it is purely cosmetic with no bearing or impact on the actual game.

The sub IMO is fair considering what you DO get access to at the time.

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But you can buy your way into all aspects of this game just indirectly the effect is the same as all P2W games allow you to get everything without paying it just takes ages.
WOW has got every single possible payment system cleverly interwoven into the game in just the right way to be massively profitable but also able to reasonably deny selling out directly but in reality anyone with any money and sence can inject some cash to get boosted and leepfrog other players and get into the high end raiding/PVP guild especially if its a paticular class thats currently OP and they want to jump on that (maybe thats why they never balance the game because it far more cost effective not to.)
Nothing is by accident everything is geared towards profit.

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Do you want one specific CEO to starve?!


No, i pay because the company is greedy and/or inept at cost management.
Technology was improved in the last 15 years you know. Server sharding was implemented. The server requirements are fundamentally different now.

Curiously enough thats not something you can say from the monthly subscription fee. NOW IS IT?


Subscription is NOT same as at game launch, it was increased in 2014, plus ALL services were also increased in price in 2017, xpacs have got progressively more expensive over the years too.