Ive been trying to resubscribe to WoW after beeing inactive for some time.
And i cant because your blizzard shop refuses my credit card even though im sure it has the balance and its the same ive used for the last couple of years… wtf?

Heads up!

Something went wrong. Select another payment method or try again later.

(Trovlak) #2

They cannot handle payment related queries via the forums due to privacy, and GDPR, and a need to pass security.

You must make a formal ticket, I am afraid.


Or just buy Game Pass for 2 months like me ^^


Hey Celinna,

At times, it can help to refresh the payment information. Try removing your current payment methods on your Blizzard account, and add the payment method you want to use afterwards again (even if it is the very same). Retry the purchase once more afterwards.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


I couldnt resub aswell. There is a problem I asume,cos I had the same problem as Celinna did,and I hope it will be fixed soon enaugh.
I even deleted my payment methods,but its even worse,now I cant even add my credit card to a payment method. I select between Credit card and pay pal,the 1st option,and it starts spinning/loading. Left if to spin for 3h,and nothing.
Please resolve this problem,because I wanna start Classic as soon as it hits the counter to zero. If I miss the opening,I rly may be pissed to say,and may not come back… Waited for so long for Classic ,and now this? I beg of u.

(Saneko) #6

Did you already try another browser without addons?


Tried everything,its just isnt happening. The loading molecular atom is spinning xD ,but still not opening my credit card filling page. :S