Suggestion for wasting less time in Raiding

This is my first time posting here.

I would like to suggest a way to reduce “time wasting” during raids. Some of the common time-consuming activities include

  • running back to bosses after a wipe
  • clearing trash
  • needing to summon everyone outside the raid if there is no Warlock
  • having to apply food buffs each time.
  • etc

I know people want trash to be included in a raid. So I propose adding a quest that unlocks boss rush mode after killing the end boss 2-3 times.

Once you (The raid leader) enter the raid and have completed the quest, an NPC will offer boss rush mode. When activated, a portal will appear to the first boss, and a summon stone will spawn in the boss room. After killing the boss, a portal will open to the next boss, and a summon stone will appear in that room as well. This will continue until the final boss. If the group wipes, everyone will spawn in front of the boss for a quick retry.

I believe this solution will appeal to people who want to go through the raid again for the 20th time without having to deal with the aforementioned time-consuming activities. It also allows for exploration of the raid during the first few attempts while providing the option to skip trash later on.

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