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Hey just a suggestion , why not change Loaded Dice so that when you choose this talent, there will drop down a slider ,so you can choose one of the rolls like grand melee.
Its always 100% chance to get the one you choose and if you cast it again ,you will get random ones like now.
I know people will likely just choose the one that sims the highest but wouldnt this help the single target dps of outlaw a bit?


Outlaw is OP spec for AoE, Blizzard will never make one spec to be no.1 meta in both aspects.
You have to come to terms with the fact that playing outlaw you are the master of aoe, and when you play in assassination you rock in single target, you can not have both, because everyone, including me, would play outlaw, and outlaw is decent in st though, making him better would be gamebreaking for many.


I hear you but its just so it doesnt feel like a damn slot machine each time you roll the bones , just to get atleast control over one of the rolls and would be more fun in PvP too if you could choose a specific one.
There is just such a dps difference between a good roll and a bad one.


While i would love this and see where youre coming from, this will never happen. If you could choose your buffs, this spec will be overpowered.

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