Summer Sale is here! Save Big on Mounts, Pets, Game Services, and More

Summer Sale is here! Save Big on Mounts, Pets, Game Services, and More.

Welcome the summer with great WoW® deals on special items up to 50% off now through July 4!

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This cat is so comically large on that Art Work it could basically eat the elfs and maybe the Orc too if it doesn’t get its food “soon enough” :laughing:


Nice! I promised my entire crew the cat mount if it ever came on sale, I’ve been waiting ages for this moment.

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The EU article linked seems to have the prices in dollars. Or are they pounds or Euros with the wrong sign? At least the ‘shop’ link goes to the EU shop and the correct currency.


where the option to actually buy a version of wow where the devs actually listen to feedback? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s all £ for me.

Wait wait wait wait.

There is a Lil Ursoc pet?!

This is the page that appears when I click the link. EN-GB but with $ signs.

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Oh yes! I missed that. I was looking at the store links. I presume a mistake has been made.

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I just returned to the game after a long inactive period (4-5 years?), bought the Shadowlands at full price then this sale happens the next day :smiley: My luck :rofl:

Is it time for that quarterly earnings report already?

end of june till they need to book revenue =)

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