Sunny Rhyl|6/10 Mythic|Recruiting!


Sunny Rhyl was formed in April 2020. We are a 2 day raiding guild. Our goals are:

  • To obtain multiple CE achievements in Shadowlands.

Raid days

  • Tuesday 20:15 - 23:15pm server time.
  • Thursday 20:15 – 23:15pm server time.

What do we expect?

Commitment, attitude to improve and teamwork.

Progression - Ny’alotha

Mythic - 10/12

Castle Nathria
10/10 Normal
10/10 HC
6/10 Mythic


Understandably we would love to attract skilled wow players to achieve our long-term goals highlighted above. By the same token we also require all types of players (regardless of skill set) to help the guild achieve our long-term community goal. With that said we require:

  • Disc priest
  • Shadowpriest, hunter, mage, DK, shamans, locks.

Raiders with previous cutting edge experience are encouraged to apply. After you apply if you do not hear anything within 6 days please assume that your application has been unsuccessful.


We require all raiders to complete an application form, please see the details below and contact an officer for details.

Our RL is contactable on:

• Battlenet: Hyn #2758

Our GM is contactable on:


Officers Battlenet: Zoey#22102 and Soap#22264

Reply to this thread with your battle tag.

Come join us guys - Ra-Den close to toppling over, then onward to the final push and beyond in SL.

Hello guys, Shadow Priest 3/12M but learning tactical on other bosses, always evolved, have brain + food + flask and 99% attendance, my current goal is to close as best as possible NYAm and continue raiding in Shadowlands.
My main this is Shadow priest but i try equipped Balance druid for Shadowlands.
If need can give url on raider io and logs
If you’re interested my battletag: DoubleDee#2671

Il’gynoth down, and so it concludes our new guild 3-4 months progression - not bad for this timeframe ending with 10/12M , we still need consistent and dedicated raiders for SL, feel free to check Twiggyz post and reach out to him or any of the officers, see you all in SL :wink:

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Howdy, looking for a guild for Shadowlands. Ive added on BTAG, if raiding criteria isnt available happy to just join socially and see where it goes… :slight_smile:

Hey ! I want to get into raiding in Shadowlands. Since i do not have much expierience i could start as a social, If you guys give me a chance.


Added in Discord, check us out too!

  • Kro

Hey guys, im looking to get back into raiding too after last expansion as i didnt have time to raid, in case your in need of a Holy Paladin, best regards Nosthica.

Still looking for 2/3 skilled DPS and a Disc Priest to close our ranks.

3/10 MM and Xymox at 5%, going down tonight. From there getting to 6/10 should be quite fast.

As promised, we are now 4/10 with Xymox down!

Application sent, GZ on your progress.

Still looking for ranged dps

Bump :slight_smile: Bump :slight_smile: