Survival hunter is a crap in pvp

I did about 50k constantly in last season. Now i do about 30-35k :smiley:

2 set bonus, Trophy weapon, full haste.

Time to swap for Demon Hunter

I have the same experience. SV seems to have fallen off a lot.

  • healer trinket is 1m30sec, so less setups available overall
  • most other melees do more damage than you
  • health pools are pretty high and it’s harder to kill in setups

Sadly its not even a contest between MM and SV/BM. I had some fun playing SV in the week before Season 3 and then suddenly my damage dropped off a cliff. I switched to BM and couldn’t even dent most players, but wreck as MM without even trying. Disappointed with the class as a whole. Mained a Hunter for 15 years and I’m no longer getting the enjoyment out of it like I used to.

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