SV hunter LFG Chamber of Azeroth

(Sinjini) #1

Decently geared SV hunter looking for a guild do do pretty much anything with. From pvp to heroic raiding, aslong as they dont ban me overnight and block me when i ask why. *cough cough firestone…


Only on your server or willing to transfer? add me Mods#2952

(Sinjini) #3

Planning on transfering to Twisting Nether and thats about it.
Edit: Unless i find a good guild.


AH ok, well we are on Stormscale so if you wanted to add me my bnet is above :slight_smile: gl if you decide to go another way though mate!

(Sinjini) #5

Possibly if i join with a Alt and it turns out to be a good guild. Just dont want to take the risk. Most of my guilds has as you might guees not been very long lasting.