Switched after 50 M+ as disc to holy. Do you struggle in certain dungeons?

Been doing all my M+ dungeons as disc but sas automaticjak do high keys as holy and wanted to give it a try. And holy moly do I enjoy holy in pugs. Did NW and will do more keys as holy from now on in lower keys. Are there certain dungeons you struggle at with holy priest? Saw automaticjak had a bit of a problem in ToP Xax The Unfallen. I enjoy holy as much as disc it’s a nice change of scenery. I do +10 now but just want a heads up for certain dungeons which are maybe difficult as holy so I can change to disc. Only done 1 dungeon as holy but tastes like more. Thanks!

I play holy in raids sometimes but mostly disc in all form of content, but I mained holy a couple weeks ago. I tried m+ as holy once this expansion with my guild. When they saw me switching to holy they were like “wtf, u mad?” It was a disaster… we had about 50 deaths, I just could not heal through the mechanics. Switched back to disc next run and it was ok…

And maintaining the legendary flash heal stacks is just infuriating, I refuse to play holy in m+ atleast for that reason. I dislike that playstyle, feels wonky when disc can just shadowmend which is even stronger. The amount holy heals feels lackluster to me and so do the cooldowns. Dunno, it felt easier to play in BFA. Maybe this will be fixed with more borrowed powers in the next patches.

For me plaguefall last boss is kinda ugly cause of low movement utility… Although I think disc lacks the same

Disc has rapture, pain sup, barrier and on the move penance/ticking ptw. Also have fiend for atonement. Mind games is a short cast for an aoe burst or you got kyrian boon.

At worst we have ticking ptw and pw: shield.

For holy/disc
Dispel @ 4 stacks on one guy, people use personals/kyrian pot. If you got a dps/tank with disease dispel they should use it too.

If you are running in low rated pugs that do take avoidable damage best thing is to skip disc and play holy.

Although disc is by far superior spec to holy in each and every type of this game content, the problem it has though is that it cant spam heal someone that takes alot of avoidable damage making it somehow not viable for bad-ish groups that ignore mechanics.

Hope that helps!

ToP requires you to know what healing is required in advance. Also other bosses you need to know how to move and heal. Other things like trash mobs, you need to know which ones to dps. I use my coventant dps abilities. You want some mobs in ToP to go down as fast as possible. Also you can CC undead there as well.

The mobs on the platform, that have the AoE mob called Portal Guardian and that drops the orb for the gate. They cast Soulstorm which must be kept of top of. Its easy with the first one but the second players love to rush in and we land just before the AoE hits. Many times divine hymn on CD.

You can heal that without CD’s like divine hymn but you need to get it setup and the group needs to be together for the holy word Sanctify. Sanctify healing wise and circle of healing are powerful. Renew each player with the +10% renew. Prayer of Mending and then hit apotheosis (resets holy word spell CD’s) when needed. This will reset Sanctify and Serenity. With prayer of healing helping with the reset of Sanctify quickly.

If they then still drop in hp to fast, then divine hymn. The issue is if the hp’s are allowed to drop too low divine hymn wont save players. More often than not this will be the healer.

Lower keys you can just divine hymn from the point the mob reaches 50% in casting the AoE. You know for the easy pass. Gear dependant but +13 you can just divine hymn. I would guess upto +15 this will be possible.

Its just about pumping out the holy word spells. If you get a proc from divine image it can be magic. Then drop the holy word spells.

It does not always work out like it should but a holy priest learns to adapt or heal as GA.

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