Sylvanas is actually pathetic

In WC3 she watched as majority of her people die to the scourge

so, to cope with it, she did the same same to Night Elves, because, you know, why should only I suffer from loss?

When she was killed in WC3, she was bound to Arthas and killed without her own will

so, to cope with it, she now bound Anduin to Jailer and now Anduin is the one who does someone’s else’s bidding.

Sylvanas is the equivalent of the word Pathetic. Coping with her own grief by inflicting the same pain on others. Absolute disgusting rat and unlikable villain. I will never be able to grasp the concept that some people actually like her or even go as far as to feel sorry for her.


Oh boy, I need a refill on the popcorn.


Show us on the doll where Sylvanas hurt you.


to be fair

points at the tree
points at dead Saurfang
points at the Horde


She did what the players could not. She walked so we can run.

Sylvanas’ story used to be really interesting and then the writers retconned it.

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Yeah she might be, but so are Baine, Throll and Malfurion.

Had nothing to do with her own history.
But rather a plan (whatever), when it became clear that Saurfang lacked the “stones” to lop the head off, the thanksgiving turkey Malfurion.

Which incidentally, is one of the most pathetic characters in the whole game.
“Tyrandeee help me… i need you tyrande” :nauseated_face: after Val’sharah.

Baine, is pathetic because of this cinematic, and various other reasons.

I mean, come on! that wince at 1:02, one Hammerfist and you got a Jaina puddle.

And Thrall, well because Thrall hasn’t had any meaningful existence in the Lore, in years, (best stay forgotten) + he abandoned the Horde in Cata iirc.


That was Xavius, not Malfurion. Although, I could imagine Tyrande kind of liked it. Maybe she lets her husband re-enact the scene in private moments :wink:

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Here is the biggest problem with Sylvanas: We actually have no idea who she is. We know she isn’t what we thought she was… but what we do know about her current character traits amounts to “standard villain”.

They have been teasing that it is somehow deeper than that for years now. And I really don’t see why they would think I care. They cannot just transfer feelings I had towards the cruel, ruthless but ultimately understandable villain protagonist to the mustache-twirling super villain who wants to destroy the world because it’s unfair.
Without connective tissue to the character I knew, there is no way I would feel anything towards her, but annoyance at her screentime and cheesy dialogue.

So the only thing we have here to entrance us is the mystery of her motivation… And well… we have had enough plots rely on these mystery boxes to know that there usually is nothing in there that justifies the investment in the mystery.

Yeah i know, but that still just soured the whole characer for me, i just can’t with those voice lines.

I’m sorry, but i don’t think that they have enough :brain: power, to come up with something, remotely interesting, that ain’t just your standard trope.

Just wait untill they explain that the same thing happened with sylvanas soul, as what happened with Uthers soul. " See that’s why she was so different " :man_facepalming:.
And claim that the good portion of her soul is still hidden somewhere…

But you see, we will be rescuing the Jailer next because the real big bad actually possessed the Jailer to possess Sylvanas.

Ah yes nice try, but we all know that it was Ogmot the mad that started all of this.

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Of whom was already possessed by Topper Mcnabb. Said Mcnabb by the way is also possessed by the real, REAL evil that is undoubtedly also possessed.

Yes, to run for your lives.

Can’t wait for blizzard to try to convince us that almost wiping one whole race is no big deal.

“bwah bwah bwah, but look, she had a trauma from WC3, which gives her permanent right to not have even the slightest bit of honor or humanity against her own people or her enemies.”

Hmm no blizzard, what about you make your pathetic child face the consequences for her actions?

I swear to god if this filthy disgusting rat lives at the end of 9.1 i’m done with this game

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They do so on an almost daily basis, and have been doing such since Classic launched.

If you take such umbrage now, it’s your problem.

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Like that poster who said she doesn’t feel comfortable with her kids playing Shadowlands because venthyr are the devil.

Meanwhile warlocks are summoning demons since Warcraft.

Omg Baine giving Derek Proudmoore back to Jaina was the absolute worst. Like straight up absurd I swear. Aren’t all freshly raised Forsaken a source of horror and trauma for their families when they meet and fight them ? Isn’t it literally what undeath is about ? For real

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We’ve heard this loud and clear, since the beginning of BFA, and we get it… Now give it a rest.

Huh? she’s been dead since WC3. And with your attitude, i’m sure it would only benefit the rest of the community. A little less, :radioactive: :radioactive: forum content is always good to read.

My problem with Baine, is rather the fact that he didn’t, react sooner.
I mean there were much more horrifying things going on, than what he responded to, like 1 corpse that had been dead for 30 years, oh no!, that’s the line he cannot cross, seriously?.