Ta'hsup key exchange

I keep forgetting to change my key at the end of the dungeon. 3 times today I just forgot to exchange my key at the end of the dungeon and I am starting to get irritated.

When i time a key and I did not use him in the end to exchange my key and I have not started a new one yet why not add an option to him in Oribos for swaping the key. If i fail the next dungeon which I join and I haven’t used the option in Oribos or at the end of the dungeon it just disapears from him in Oribos.
If I have exchanged my key at the end of the dungeon he won’t have allow me to change my key in Oribos.

If I’ve read that right, you are asking to reroll your key until you get one thst you like?? The thing there is, you’ve already exchanged your key at the end of the dungeon, so he wont let you do it again.

No, hes saying he forgets to reroll the key in the dungeon so would like the option to do so in Oribos.

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So u want a change because u forgets ? A simple WA coukd fix that imho.

But what they should change is that key downgrader guy. Make it work like with gear upgrade . Put in key and swlect desired level u want .

Going with key from 22 to 15 is just anoying and could be done in few clicks

yes exactly what you said Dejarous.

No i want the exact same NPC but in Oribos after the dungeon is finished. If i forget to exchange my key to have the one time use option before i start the next dungeon. Nothing changes with the NPC. Everything stays exactly how it is now

I don’t need more auras thank you very much. I need a real fix and not just a bandaid.

Well actual fix would be to simply not forget something u wanna do right? U can fix something that isnt broken, and from blizz side there isnt anything broken,it works as intendet .

But there is already a precedent with the downgrading key vendor. People were manualy leaving instances so Blizzard added the vendor.
There are people like me who forget not once not twice but 3 f*ing times to use it at the end of the dungeon.WHen I have left the group then is when i remember. It will be of huge help to me if there is a vendor in oribos for key exchange.

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