Taiwan server doing GDKP while EU/NA are hardstuck in pugs

Can I suscribe to Taiwan server without a Taiwan IP address ?

Is it possible to do characters immigration from region to region ?

Or do I need to make a new Battle.net account ?

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it should be possible to buy an account in Taiwan, but regions are locked - there’s no chance of migrating from one region to another. That is, if transfers in SOD was at all possible - which it is not.

Aaaaand … you could level a char on Taiwan servers, just to see GDKP being banned in a few months. You would run a risk of wasting time and money there.

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Don’t know but yeah go there:)
Actually pretty nice so GDKP is still not allowed here and you guys can have your stuff over there. looks like win/win

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Nah, reason why Blizzard didn’t bother to apply GDKP ban to Taiwanese servers is because these guys are making QR codes where you can deposit money to regardless.
Buying gold is a way to play the game there. Hence why the wow token was already put in TBC there.

Blizzard doesn’t bother with RMT because taiwanese will do whatever they can to do it anyway.

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Why is Trash Like You even playin a pay-to-play game?
Just play one of the countless pay-to-win MMOs from Asia where you can taste Whale-nuts every day in exchange for in-game currency


Go ahead, play with 400 latency.

Not my problem

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U should be able to, but you should also check the price of gold there first =)

I like the idea of a GDKP-allowed server for each region. I won’t move there but the bots will, so that’s a win for everyone.

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There’s a Taiwanese server? The more you know.

Yep, there’s. I made an account today, starting level 1 fresh.

They lifted the GDKP ban in TW server because they lost like 60% subscribers in a single month.

Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/Asmongold/comments/1b4g1a2/blizzard_lifted_the_sod_gdkp_banin_tw/

Guys, let’s do it.

the blue post made it seem like it was never applied in the first place

u dont want to do it

taiwan server is full with cheaters, there are close to zero rules

devs dont care there if u dupe, using hacks, wintrading, scam etc