Talent loadout limit

Why is there a talent loadout limit? It is extremely frustrating i am forced to download an addon to have more than 10 loadouts. There is 0 reason to have a limit on it, and it only adds a restriction where there needs to be none.


Because they’re saved on the server and everything needs a limit when it comes to storage, arbitrary as it might be. Pretty sure your addon saves the additional loadouts on your machine so it doesn’t affect the servers. You probably can’t access those loadouts if logged in from a different PC.

10 still feels a bit really, really low though. Maybe just a builtin option to save it locally. Oh well, addons ftw.

Wait, you guys need more then 5?
I have talent builds for all specs but I just manually swap one or two points :eyes:

@OP: Get the addon called Talent Loadout Ex. Huge QoL.

@Leviosaah Yes, as a druid - with 4 specs the overall limit is straight up dog.
I would kinda respect it if the limit was pr. spec, but nope … it’s an overall spec.


It would be amazing if we got more. WQ, different types of PVP, different types of PVE, mage tower… I am using 5 for resto and 5 for balance, which is not even enough - I am missing some that I will have to click manually. Can’t save any loadouts for feral or guardian anymore.

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