Talent tree persistently not working


I have a problem in classic where the talent tree is not working at all as intended.
After spending the points on the talents (for example, fury tree up to bloodthirst), I try use bloodthirst, and it says spell not found.

I spent 120g on talent resets to try and fix this problem and it persists. It has only been happening today.

Some support would be great. The game is unplayable for group content considering I cant use my talents.
I would like my gold and talent resets back please.

EDIT: after resetting the game, deleting cache, removing addons, basically purging my game, it is now displaying an altered, but ‘correct’ talent tree. I still dont have the skills I chose and it required a further talent reset bringing the total spent up to 120g. Please can I have this refunded, I have screenshot evidence of bug