Tank : how to deal with sanguine

Since I don’t want to ruin everyone’s key, I have really no idea how best to do this affix. One key I want to do and time is CoS. The whole part before Boss 1 is super tricky, and I got to take into account DPS always walking passed the door before and after the 2nd pillar.

In general, do I kite? I got tornado, but that’s also not always good to use, depends on position etc. Especially those cats hurt a lot this week. I want to avoid triggering them, but it seems not an easy task.

In CoS’s case e.g. , do I kill those little mobs left of the 2nd pillar, where the mob running to the pillar is. As a bear I don’t know what is best, I can’t stun him , I always hope there’s a dps in the group that can do some CC.

But reason for killing those little mobs is creating some room, since it’s all so small and easy to trigger pulls.

When sentries run to pillars they cast once, if that cast is interrupted they go back to their aggro target. Just needs a single ranged kick.

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I do i deal with sanguine? Easy: try to skip as much of this week as possible.

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If you can work Ursol’s Vortex into your build, you can make the cats a lot less problematic.

And yeah, people tend to overestimate how dangerous sentries are. See if you can arrange with 1 DPS to hard CC it (or do it yourself with Entangling Roots). When you’ve cleared the center of that area of the energy eels and the one guard, the group can kill that sentry with nothing else to worry about, which will probably lead to a more sane approach, rather than charging in and possibly aggroing the building.

(Like Ellipsis said, one ranged interrupt is enough, but we both know that there’s gonna be a melee who doesn’t feel that way :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thanks for the tips, and I used this dungeon as an example, but I wanted to time all of them at +13 .

There’s already a few pulls that give me a headache, in e.g. Temple.

Didn’t know that about the sentry btw, thoughts he wouldnt give up :wink:

And I use Ursoc, but I can use the ST root. I got the key myself, so I’ll probably ask in the SOD community :wink:

If people keep stunning the cast, he’ll keep trying. Kick it once and he stops.

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Thanks, that said, will attempt my key with a DK :slight_smile:

I non-timed my first 15, Academy, it was not easy. Healer kept dying and well… releaseing :smiley:

I usually timeds my Incarns, but now I had to improvise. At least I know which mobs to kick, I just told group, I’ll do the scepters, you take care of the rest. That scepter is a 100% wipe if it blows!

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