Tank threat issues becoming worse this season

Seems to me this season, some dps specs are starting to pull far ahead of (some) tanks.
Was starting to feel it at the end of last season, but especially now some specs are just doing absurd amounts of upfront damage, turning almost every pull into pure chaos.
It’s gotten to a point where I am reluctant to invite specs like rets and devokers. Sure they do great damage so mobs just melts, but doing taunt/grip whack-a-mole on every pull is so stressful it’s just killing the fun.

I really hope Blizzard takes a look at increasing the tank threat modifiers again. It’s really bad atm, especially for specs like BDK that are already doing bottom tier tank dps.



Even as a prot pala its a losing game. I can hace stuff in consecration, hit divine toll and still lose aggro.

Part of it is my teammates fault, wailing on an add they know im not targeting but it is becoming a more common issue for me.


It’s weird that a ret’s divine toll is generating more aggro than a prot’s :smiley:


Ehh? Maybe if the targets are so far apart the shields don’t get to bounce…

Hope you are joking, all I meet is dps who i constantly outdps as a tank. Gimme those threat snatchers you talk about any day!

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Only problem with threat for me is begining of pull when most of players think i already did some imaginary dmg to those mobs so they start using all of their CDs before i even start using my captain america shield :smiley:


It’s evokers I have most problem with and I feel sympathy for them because their spec is designed to encourage burst damage on pull. If a ret pala opens with wings > final reckoning > divine toll > divine storm before I’ve even had a chance to hit everything, he’d better have bubble ready.

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Yeah pretty much this. Seems some dpsers think that me simply running towards a mob means it’s no problem popping off 250K+ burst. The sheer panic of watching 7/8 nameplates swapping color to indicate they are attacking someone else 2 seconds into the pull… :rofl:
Managing threat is probably my least favorite thing about tanking, because it’s out of my hands to some extent.

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mainly a devoker and ret problem yea, they burst so hard in the first 2 gcds that you have no time to build up threat
aside from that it looks ok.

luckily everyone and their mother is playing hunter, so there should be always someone available for missdirect.
unlucky that most hunters don’t know that spell

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Went back to my Os Statue for the AoE taunt this season :rofl:

I’ve no idea how other way to get aggro away from a 400k starter dps xD

Thunder Clap, Deep Wounds, Blood Boil and Death and Decay could do with some fat buffs.

Yeah, I think maybe all tanks should get some sort of threat boost for the first few seconds of combat. I get the Blizzard can’t put it back to Legion standard with threat where you blood boil x2 and just run.
But would nice to have something to increase your threat against new targets for the first 5 seconds or something like that, to counteract bursty dps specs.

Even with 2-set that gives BB and Heart Strike 20% more damage, it’s not really any difference when it comes to threat.

just handle it like i do in the 20+ key’s i have done.
if you have to do with their aggro management ignore it. One dead evoker is aproblem less to care about =D
can’t stay alive and carry those idiots.
judgement flying evoker having 400k dps in the same momment in pul. i like dragon wings especaly roasted =D

so its not only me ? i see this on most of my tanks - when some good players instant burst i can only wish them good luck with kiting.

just thought its cause im such bad tank but apparently im not the only one experiencing it.

thats because we put that 1 skill point somewhere else :stuck_out_tongue:

i know, play hunter by myself.
I just let the rets and evokers die :man_shrugging:

Try tanking heroic dungeons as a freshly dinged 70 with a few greens/blues when the heroic Aberus geared ret pally dumps all his cd’s and insists on pulling more mobs (yes this did happen and yes he called me bad when i asked him to let me pull, and let me get aggro first)

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Oh I know it’s probably worse there. But at least in heroics, dpsers don’t die insantly from aggro, even if it’s annoying and stressful to tank like that. I’ve seen even MDI competitors like Naowh complain about threat issues, more specifically for VDH, so it’s not just us “regular” people who are struggling. I really hope Blizzard will do something soon

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