Target and party member health / procentage

As i was playing in the stress test i noticed i couldn’t get any numbers on my targets health or my party’s.
For my self i could change it to show both my health and procentage.

Is there a way that i can enable my target’s health to be shown? also for my party’s health to be shown?

if it isn’t mandatory then i am also alright with using addons to achive this :slight_smile: i have seen people can do it with lunarframes, but i want it to stay as close as posible to the original design.

Your targets information is hidden, that is intended. The only way to show anything is to use addons that does it. Oddly enough it is the same with your partys health bars I think.

RealMobHealth helps. There is a version for 13.2. available.

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thanks ^^ i will look into it :slight_smile:

One of the few addons I will install lol.

I like to see the health of everything arround me. It makes mobs more personal. And attacks more accurate.

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